Universal Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Declares as true AVERS
Pale purple LILAC
Giant panda’s treat BAMBOOSHOOT
Stirred up INCITED
Spy org. CIA
"Very interesting …" HMM
Not buck the system OBEY
More overabundant RIFER
Body armor for the trunk (var.) CORSLET
Like unprocessed data RAW
Pilot’s guess ETA
Mph part PER
Conclusion END
Hadn’t repaid yet OWED
Move up and down repeatedly BOB
Studied times ERAS
Holy ___ Empire ROMAN
Latin list-shortening abbr. ETAL
"So Matthew McConaughey says to me …" sayer, e.g. NAMEDROPPER
A bit buzzed TIPSY
Patio flooring surface, sometimes SLATE
Piano output NOTES
Mediterranean republic MALTA
Oak, in a nutshell? ACORN
It falls daily but never breaks NIGHT
Classic narrative poetry EPOS
Great Lake name ERIE
Pitched a pitch SPIELED
Supervise OVERSEE
Like many head-turners SEXY
Tokyo, once EDO
Things that are custom made? RITES
One quadrillionth of a meter FERMI
Psychoanalyst Sigmund FREUD
Pie hole relative TRAP
Word with "club" or "mail" FAN
"Without further ___ …" ADO
Pop lover? MOM
Nest egg part, often IRA
Type of maniac or trip EGO
Big game? ELK
It’s got a priest covered ALB
Blood of the Greek gods ICHOR
Paper with a crinkled texture CREPE
By way of VIA
Rain-bearing clouds NIMBI
From a certain grain OATEN
Tree with hard, tough wood ELM
Made oneself known CAMEFORWARD
Bar mitzvah officiant RABBI
Trees from which one can take a bow? YEWS
Vespa, famously SCOOTER
Gives in, as to pressure RELENTS
Shakespeare’s king of the fairies OBERON
Thing important to a micromanager DETAIL
They have young’uns MAS
One of the Wayans DAMON
Place with big Bucs TAMPA
Need a backrub, e.g. ACHE
French composer Erik SATIE
"… ___ ye be judged" LEST
Belt holders LOOPS
Spanish "black" NEGRO
Become blond overnight DYE
Brownies in bunches TROOPS
Tremble from the cold SHIVER
More fidgety ANTSIER
Started one of 18 holes TEEDOFF
Freeway off-ramp EXIT
Active cowboy, sometimes ROPER
Where relatives branch out? FAMILYTREES
Prefix with "fix" or "test" PRE
Have a crush on, e.g. ADORE
U.S. Postal Service symbol EAGLE
Large Australian bird EMU
Footloose one NOMAD
Piped up SPOKE
Get ___ of (trash) RID