Universal Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Jacob’s brother in Genesis ESAU
Now’s counterpart THEN
Inflict pain HARM
Dylan Bundy or Zach Britton ORIOLE
Kebab holders SKEWERS
It’s cotton-tipped SWAB
Skating duo PAIR
Tank’s "skin" ARMOR
Get all the kinks out UNSNARL
Type of indoor caddy TEA
Like some gauntlets? THROWNDOWN
Author Jong ERICA
Out of practice RUSTY
Sixes at 180 degrees NINES
"Ooh!" or "Whoa!" WOW
Make judgments DEEM
A ghost in "Pac-Man" INKY
Taboo thing NONO
Order from a sad photographer at a kid’s party? FROWNCLOWN
Many moons ago ONCE
Hosiery problems SNAGS
Ship of Greek mythology ARGO
Soccer score GOAL
Flow in a circular current EDDY
Far from stimulating BLAH
Criminal and more FELON
A unit of conductance SIEMENS
Signal of a soccer ejection REDCARD
To and ___ FRO
A combining of corporations MERGER
Any valuable thing ASSET
Repetitive musical piece RONDO
Hurts one’s toe, in a way STUBS
Norwegian capital OSLO
Moistens but good WETS
"Approximately" ORSO
Let loose with the waterworks WEEP
Stuff on after prime time, often NEWS
Oil-well contraption RIG
Distinctive spirit of a culture ETHOS
Fashionable health resort SPA
Pronounce UTTER
Hammerhead in the water SHARK
It’s of general concern WAR
Gandhi contemporary NEHRU
Eagle’s nest AERIE
Thing marksmen do AIM
Wrapped garments of India SARIS
Like some neglected grass? UNMOWNBROWN
It comes in the fall (Abbr.) OCT
Hawaiian keepsake LEI
Certain driving surface ROADWAY
Raging fires INFERNOS
Bird with a short, upright tail WREN
Link with "neither" NOR
Medicinal plant with yellow flowers SENNA
Jumping off point? LEDGE
Door fixture KNOB
Neck warmer SCARF
Word with "swings" and "rings" MOOD
Animals’ cries YOWLS
Certain Halloween mischief maker EGGER
Roll of cash WAD
Innocent, inexperienced one NAIF
In a grave and sedate manner SOLEMNLY
Lyric poem with complex stanza forms ODE
Pine ___ (household cleaner) SOL
Title "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" owns? MOTOWNCROWN
Annoying night sound SNORE
Not let go to waste USE
Coincide AGREE
Track legend Moses EDWIN
Deli order, sometimes BLT
Stitch up again RESEW
Ice bucket insert TONGS
"Help, we’re sinking!" SOS
Lets go of DROPS