Universal Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hall-of-___ (legendary performer) FAMER
Telltale sign to a chef AROMA
Color lightly TINCT
Relative of 32-Across SLEET
Japanese belt OBI
"For ___ a jolly good …" HES
List of courses? MENU
Squarepants is one SPONGE
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Male Indian royal (var.) RAJA
Expires DIES
"Many moons ago …" ONCE
Like some on a fixed income (abbr.) RETD
Vote you can hear YEA
Orchestra woodwind OBOE
Iran’s enemy, once IRAQ
Any spectacularly outstanding thing LULU
Tissue fold PLICA
"Don’t hurt me," e.g. PLEA
Go on a warpath with the yapper RANT
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
Mexican currency PESO
Protective wound cover SCAB
Common board member? NAIL
Main port of Norway OSLO
Stimulate, as an appetite WHET
Gave dinner to FED
Game in the woods? ELK
Electricity unit VOLT
Topmost position ACME
Sport involving horses POLO
Parts of many exercise routines SITUPS
"Put up your ___!" (prepare to fight) DUKES
Bird that can reach 6 feet in height EMU
Closely packed DENSE
Furry water-loving mammal OTTER
Not as confined FREER
Parts of dinnerware collections FORKS
Facial marks of adolescence ACNE
LaBeouf of Hollywood SHIA
Min. parts SECS
Need a pain reliever ACHE
Thing to do before you restart STOP
Sound a pigeon makes COO
Small scrap of food ORT
They may be saturated FATS
Measures of resistance OHMS
Intense vigor ARDOR
Type of seed jacket ARIL
Horn sound BEEP
New England state MAINE
Something only a rich person would say MONEYISNOOBJECT
Any game show host EMCEE
Impartial UNBIASED
Sewer bottom? RATTAIL
Understood, as a punch line GOT
Indian currency RUPEE
Stage equipment PROP
Winter delight, for some SNOWFALL
Make very happy ELATE
Some liquid assets CASHEQUIVALENTS
Fared badly AILED
Crested parrot COCKATOO
Rorschach image BLOT
One of 150 in the Bible PSALM
"___ dare to eat a peach?" (Eliot) DOI
Started to golf TEEDOFF
They can bring jail time ASSAULTS
Subway in Paris METRO
Grocery store fixture CHECKOUTCOUNTER
Place for a small statue NICHE
With very little in one’s bank account POOR
"___ and ye shall find" SEEK
Relieves, as a difficult situation EASES
Parking place, informally SPOT
Makes a stupid decision ERRS