Universal Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Flightless Aussie birds EMUS
Certain speech impediment LISP
Deep ___ bend (exercise) KNEE
Attraction at a circus or carnival SIDESHOW
Attorney LAWYER
Depth-charge avoider of WWII UBOAT
Tie the knot MARRY
Barely audible "Hey!" PSST
Mysterious sighting in Tibet YETI
Intentionally taken in the wrong direction MISLED
Arm of a larger body of water INLET
Twenty years SCORE
Mythical horned creature SATYR
Kind of process DUE
Parkinson’s drug LDOPA
Go for, in the marketplace COST
Escape in the sea? ISLE
Move like a pachyderm PLOD
What a sci-fi weapon will do STUN
Attila the ___ HUN
Cut into a surface with acid ETCH
"Long ___, in a galaxy far …" AGO
Turkish currency LIRA
River of the Bard AVON
Confined (with "up") PENT
Communicate via laptop EMAIL
___ fly (baseball term) SAC
Well-read people LITERATI
Comes in ENTERS
European blackbirds OUSELS
PC’s brain center CPU
Much more than sometimes OFTEN
Iffy contraction? MAYVE
Like a crookedly hung picture ASKEW
Frutti go-with TUTTI
Taking ___ down memory lane ATRIP
Some common pronouns YOUS
Type of bed BUNK
Home of Irish poets? ERIN
Work a lollipop LICK
Flaps one’s gums YAKS
Certain club ELKS
Like an old sofa or bad oatmeal LUMPY
Fail to hit MISS
Word with "skirt" or "cam" MINI
Demote or humble ABASE
Peruvian empire builder INCA
Started up and ran USED
Furthest from the best WORST
Mailbox opening SLOT
Up-tempo thing for a soldier? SPEEDYARTILLERY
With much beef fat SUETY
Prevent from doing something DETER
Message written in secret code CIPHER
Conclusion for "rough" SHOD
City in Norway OSLO
Enjoy, as praise EATUP
Common seat for toddlers LAP
Down-tempo title for a Wild West shooter? SLOWESTGUNALIVE
"Excellent" sidekick in a comedy film title TED
City in Georgia MACON
Pressing agent IRON
Sharing word EACH
One-eighth of a circle OCTANT
Certain Arab OMANI
Dusky brownish gray TAUPE
Up-tempo way the boss likes work done? FASTLYBUTSURELY
Au pair’s responsibility TYKE
Bizarre OUTRE
Song sung solo at the Met ARIA
Word after "as" in a letter closing EVER
"___ we meet again" UNTIL
Sound of a second hand TICK
Current events and such NEWS
Printing supplies INKS