Universal Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Disrespectful talk SASS
Insect stage PUPA
Decorative sewing kit ETUI
Certain storage structure on a farm CORNCRIB
Soothing balm SALVE
It makes a pupil work IRIS
Reptilian nickname CROC
They rise in surprise BROWS
Deli order, sometimes REUBEN
Kind of saxophone or clef ALTO
Fluctuate VARY
Courtroom attention-getting shout OYEZ
They chase human varmints POSSE
Dark-colored food fish TAUTOG
Boots out OUSTS
Uncomfortable and squirming ANTSY
Small, fatty, pinkish salmon (var.) COHOE
Pirate’s treasure container CHEST
They facilitate ins and outs DOORS
Clumsy galoots OAFS
Don Draper, e.g. ADMAN
Opposite of host GUEST
Achy spots SORES
Mogul CZAR
Lying on one’s back SUPINE
Red Sea nation of 25 million YEMEN
Spaghetti complement MEATBALL
Distributor ISSUER
One whose goose is most certainly cooked GONER
Disreputable woman HUSSY
Many spouses WIVES
"How Great ___ Art" THOU
They feature big pork bellies HOGS
Off-white shade ECRU
Assassinate SLAY
Home for a little queen HIVE
Cookie brand OREO
Votes in favor YEAS
Shoots with a sci-fi weapon ZAPS
Prototype detail, informally SPEC
Word hissed to an attack dog SIC
Audience’s joyful shout BRAVO
One of a lot on a lot AUTO
Henry VIII’s Catherine PARR
Pass on, as a baton RELAY
San Antonio pro SPUR
Collection of miscellaneous things OLIO
Not even close to conventional OUTRE
Misspelled NFL matchup? SAINTSVSCOWBOYZ
Thing for a lawyer to study CASE
Put to work USE
Gather over time, as interest ACCRUE
Couple in Mexico? DOS
Hectors NAGS
Like a complete 0-0-0 baseball game NOHIT
Common winter wear COATS
Performing couple DUO
Misspelled Don Henley song THEBOYZOFSUMMER
Distress signal SOS
They may be stripped by new drivers GEARS
"___ porridge hot …" PEASE
Mysterious creature of the Himalayas YETI
Bachelorette no more MRS
Some fairy-tale creatures GIANTS
Feminine pronoun SHE
"This ___ hurt a bit" WONT
Misspelled Burns/Matthau film THESUNSHINEBOYZ
Start of an old-fashioned magician’s phrase HOCUS
Not prerecorded LIVE
Neighborhood or general vicinity AREA
See 46-Across OGRES
Declare solemnly AVER
Bound LEAP
Loan shark’s interest USURY
Word of approval YES
It can be written off in April LOSS