Universal Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Type of tree purchased in December FIR
Santa ___ (California city) ANA
252-gallon barrel TUN
Temple receptacles Noah would appreciate ARKS
Humble, woodsy shelter LEANTO
Intense devotion or passion ARDOR
"Dollar Diplomacy" president TAFT
Karate belt? OBI
Most balmy, weatherwise MILDEST
Like stereotypical dungeons DANKANDDARK
It can be clogged DRAIN
Palindromic founding principle TENET
More than exalts DEIFIES
Midnights’ opposites NOONS
Informal thing to smoke CIG
The planets, without Pluto OCTAD
Handpicked CHOSE
Major airline DELTA
Type of bread RYE
Make clear, as a windshield DEFOG
Creator of Fogg VERNE
Debate ARGUE
Full of spunk SASSY
Olympic jacket letters USA
Blockbuster headliner, often BIGNAME
"I’ll have the same" DITTO
"Quick" thing for a comic to have WIT
Bathroom seals CAULKS
Opposite of ample SCANT
Web portal run by Marissa Mayer YAHOO
Ahead of time EARLY
Low-fat, as milk SKIM
Sit down with force PLOP
"Platoon" setting, informally NAM
Fury or anger IRE
Just released NEW
Nitrogen or oxygen GAS
Deadly FATAL
Molecule part ATOM
Banished bug spray DDT
Cause to become hardened to INURE
Like an animal to avoid RABID
Rules-rules link ARE
Ordinary members of an organization RANKANDFILE
Bobbsey miss NAN
Practitioner of snobbery SNOOT
One spelling of a false shirt front DICKIE
Halloween mo. OCT
American League East team, on scoreboards TOR
Rebellious DEFIANT
Mythical ferryman CHARON
Create chic fashions DESIGN
Broadway award TONY
Not chubby SVELTE
Some "Law & Order" figs. DAS
Crooked ASKEW
Juvenile newt EFT
Member of the lowest Hindu caste SUDRA
Morning moisture DEW
One way to study ABROAD
Is droopy SAGS
Storefront projection, often AWNING
One who flew too close to the sun ICARUS
Shot deliverer SYRINGE
Important flight info ETA
One of many on a custodian’s ring KEY
Cloak with full sleeves and sash CAFTAN
Was no longer in a slump? SATUP
"I’ve just discovered it!" AHA
Providing funding for BANKROLLING
"___ do I" ("I don’t either") NOR
It saves a postage stamp EMAIL
Divided Asian peninsula KOREA
Lowdown digit TOE
TV award EMMY
Shoots forth volcanically SPEWS