Universal Crossword Answers March 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
"He’s making ___, checking it …" ALIST
Keep getting magazines RENEW
Parts of a food drive collection CANNEDGOODS
Moves out permanently VACATES
Eggs, in a lab OVA
"___ Things I Hate About You" TEN
Sea birds ERNS
It could give a clown a leg up STILT
It can cause a wrongful conviction FRAMEUP
Shocking fish EEL
Babilonia of skating TAI
Curved woodworking tool (var.) ADZ
Soap ingredient of old LYE
Naked BARE
Wedding announcement word NEE
Word with "proportions" EPIC
Regarding the kidneys RENAL
___ 51 (alleged UFO site) AREA
Oppressed by those in power DOWNTRODDEN
Express one’s views OPINE
Relating to birth NATAL
Incurred, as a bar tab RANUP
Thing that may be hard to break HABIT
Make up for a wrong ATONE
Runs in neutral IDLES
What parallel lines will never do MEET
Remove from office OUST
They feature pros and cons DEBATES
Pollen holders STAMENS
Young society ladies, briefly DEBS
Feature of a hurricane EYE
It causes people to wait DELAY
Painters like Matisse or Dufy FAUVE
Large naval force FLEET
Sandwich shop DELI
Tennis match section SET
Possessive pronoun for a ship HER
Pt. of a portfolio, often IRA
Split at the seams RIP
Yosemite beast ELK
Compete VIE
Rainbow formation ARC
Marks one’s ballot VOTES
Infantile position FETAL
Spacious grazing locale LEA
Prevent, as a disaster AVERT
Partner of "rough" READY
Small hotel INN
Use parts of one thing to repair another thing CANNIBALIZE
Medicinal plant SENNA
Give a terrible review to SLAM
Woofer’s opposite TWEETER
Trample but good TREADON
Much more thought-provoking DEEPER
One of Jupiter’s moons EUROPA
Old witch HAG
Red Sea peninsula SINAI
Shrill-voiced cousin of a plover PEWIT
Molecule component ATOM
This puzzle’s theme and a great attitude to have CANDO
Worker in Siam, of film ANNA
Showed disapproval, as an audience BOOED
Whoppers LULUS
K-___ (big name in record compilations) TEL
"… need is a friend ___" INDEED
Trial-run proving ground TESTBED
Avoid, as carbs or sugar STAYOFF
Sacked out and under covers ABED
Olympian’s quest MEDAL
Tugged-on thing SHIRTSLEEVE
Word librarians use DUE
Creepy and ghastly EERIE
With every chip bet on one hand ALLIN
First mate? EVE
Catches animals, in a way TRAPS
"Yowza!" relative YIKES
Thing a butterfly may be in NET