Universal Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Woolen Scottish cap TAM
Popular retirement plan component IRA
"Stately" flowery wreath LEI
Actor Aykroyd DAN
Values greatly ESTEEMS
Just starts to flutter the eyelids STIRS
Baby boy, in Spain NINO
Luke’s mentor, ___-Wan OBI
Like lice WINGLESS
Arizona’s state flower SAGUARO
1980s Soft Cell hit TAINTEDLOVE
Be like-minded AGREE
"Such a tragedy" SOSAD
Mystical atmosphere around someone AURA
Nero’s three III
Word with "mall" or "mining" STRIP
Cara or Dunne IRENE
Wall’s color spreader PAINTROLLER
Humorous plays on words PUNS
Deprive of water PARCH
Pays, as the bill FOOTS
They can sway in the breeze TREES
Old Houston NFLer OILER
Attachments for "church" or "party" GOERS
Formal agreement or compact COVENANT
Gab session CHAT
Formulates or contrives DEVISES
Most nail-biting TENSEST
Letter-shaped add-on ELL
Genie offering WISH
Internet shopping funds ECASH
Relative worth VALUE
Friends across the pond MATES
Far from baggy SNUG
Nancy Walker on "Rhoda" IDA
Caustic liquid LYE
"… ___ he drove out of sight …" ERE
"Sister Act" extra NUN
Be a secret watcher SPY
Diacritical mark TILDE
What it does in Buffalo in the winter SNOWS
Profs’ classroom helpers TAS
General vicinities AREAS
Bone from the knee to ankle TIBIA
"Long, long ___ … AGO
Preserving, as machinery MAINTAINING
Big-time tax collector IRS
Continental cash EURO
___ pig (test subject) GUINEA
People who are not heavy drinkers? SIPPERS
Like cornrows PLAITED
Extreme shock TRAUMA
"The ___ Queene" (Spenser work) FAERIE
Equestrian controls REINS
Trunk full of blood TORSO
Canine DOG
Rustic respites INNS
Gators’ relatives CROCS
Advertising industry award CLIO
Gerbil or goldfish, e.g. PET
Performs, biblically DOETH
Oarlock THOLE
"John Wick" star REEVES
Sigourney or Earl WEAVER
Gradually changes over time EVOLVES
Change makers? MINTERS
Try to reach a talk radio host CALLIN
What a well-behaved child doesn’t do SASS
"By ___ means!" ALL
Washington state volcano SAINTHELENS
"Peggy ___" (Buddy Holly classic song) SUE
Invest, as with a quality ENDUE
Flapjacks covering SYRUP
"His" counterpart HER
Male deer STAGS
Quite small TEENY