Universal Crossword Answers November 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Be there in a ___!" SEC
Retirement fund letters IRA
It can be glossed over LIP
Floral garland LEI
Boa alternatives STOLES
Steers HELMS
Eyes, planets and such ORBS
Australian big bird EMU
Sticks out BULGES
"A Passage to ___" INDIA
Asian sash OBI
Chess piece MAN
Joule fraction ERG
"The ___ Cometh" ICEMAN
Relaxing place SPA
Hybrid citrus fruit TANGELO
Neighbor of a Zambian ANGOLAN
Misrepresent BELIE
Baked chocolate delight BROWNIE
Finch family birds LINNETS
Pair of moms? EMS
"Many hands make light work," e.g. ADAGE
Appropriate COOPT
Concrete ingredient GRAVEL
Rustic roofing THATCH
Tic ___ toe TAC
"Down in front!" SIT
Tastelessly showy GARISH
Heaviness WEIGHT
Swift space traveler COMET
Very small amounts WHITS
Chinese dynasty CHOU
Body art, informally TAT
Get going, old-style HIE
Sovereign center? ERE
Sense of self EGO
Bounder CAD
Great anger IRE
Formalwear unit TIE
Dog sound YAP
Window part SILL
Nike offering SHOE
Ecological community BIOME
Famed canal ERIE
Time in office TERM
Open, as a gate UNBAR
D.C.’s backing for a 50? CAPITOLBUILDING
Common trees ELMS
Digital effects CGI
Structures for equines STABLES
Some judges sit on them PANELS
Donations for the needy ALMS
Crime center? RIM
___-Saxon ANGLO
Region AREA
Prisoners CONS
Hitting a long homer on the outskirts of New York? GOINGDOWNTOWN
TV component? TELE
Some farm males RAMS
Sharpens HONES
___ carte ALA
Nuts about GAGA
Moose relative WAPITI
Curving inward CONCAVE
Most in need of a towel WETTEST
Miner’s quest ORE
Oh so stylish CHIC
Dream design job for a Denver pilot-turned-architect? THEMILEHIGHCITY
Endings for "million" AIRES
Ancient Rome conqueror GOTH
Opera highlight ARIA
Choppers TEETH
Bounce out of office OUST
Not shallow DEEP