Universal Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
___ du Flambeau LAC
"Without further ___ …" ADO
"Me? What about ___!" YOU
Cremains container URN
Easily annoyed or irritated PETTISH
"I don’t know" gesture SHRUG
Dry dishes WIPE
McKinley’s first lady IDA
Word with "capita" PER
Connoisseur ESTHETE
Science of 23-Across CARTOGRAPHY
Have deep desires YEARN
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Nabokov novel ADA
"Fibber ___ and Molly" MCGEE
"Get thee up!" ARISE
Combat award PURPLEHEART
Feel sorry for PITY
Traditional bodies of knowledge LORES
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Arab sailing vessels DHOWS
Wedding event TOAST
Matriarch of "Dallas" ELLIE
"Let It ___" BLEED
Make an edge sharper WHET
Where you’re safe even if tagged BASE
Cut into thirds TRISECT
56-Down shade MAGENTA
Clock std. GMT
Artist’s inspiration MUSE
The final frontier SPACE
Nose-tickling beverages COLAS
Bangkok bills BAHTS
Laboratory gas burner ETNA
Discovery sound AHA
Fink RAT
Triumph WIN
"Long ___, in a galaxy …" AGO
Color of anger, figuratively RED
Before, before ERE
Easy basketball score LAYUP
Coral reef CAY
Like a lot ADORE
Animal pelts HIDES
Mature AGE
Analogous thing COUNTERPART
Genetic letters RNA
Not false TRUE
Negative one HATER
Charting MAPPING
Command to a canine LIEDOWN
Tom of Hollywood CRUISE
Military ID DOGTAG
Circumference GIRTH
Painful spasm THROE
Civil War combatant REB
See from afar ESPY
Courting one WOOER
Dance event BALL
Slithery fish EEL
Popular syrup MAPLE
Barnum’s way out EGRESS
Five-iron nickname MASHIE
Moonwalker Harrison SCHMITT
Larkin and Plath, e.g. POETS
Calm relaxation EASE
In the fashion of ALA
Clay pottery EARTHENWARE
"Dude, Where’s My ___?" CAR
Say "We want a hit" in unison CHANT
Fierce feline TIGER
’70s self-help system EST
Some British farewells TATAS
Battery post ANODE