Universal Crossword Answers November 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Moore on screen DEMI
Iraq neighbor IRAN
Common breakfast items EGGS
Type of list TODO
Jungle creature APE
Can material TIN
First game of the season OPENER
Brief note, at work MEMO
Approximately CIRCA
Actress Mary ASTOR
Oozing muck SLIME
Doctrine TENET
Rural open field LEA
FAA employee ATC
Roly go-with POLY
Certain old Buick SKYLARK
Kind of hall TOWN
Concept IDEA
Units of wire thickness MILS
Some notes SOLS
’70s hairdo AFRO
Major world power USA
Ticket half STUB
Outback bird EMU
New York’s state flower ROSE
Composer Nino of "The Godfather" ROTA
Ambler or McCormack ERIC
Neutral hue ECRU
Income from wealth USANCE
Base eight system OCTAL
The green stuff (var.) MOOLA
Extreme passion ARDOR
Junction points NODES
Sick ILL
Cowboys’ org. NFL
Somewhat, slangily KINDA
Talk like Sylvester LISP
Not barefoot SHOD
Worker HAND
Marine eagle ERNE
Celeb STAR
Persian you pet CAT
Underground stuff ORE
Tries to drop a few DIETS
Molecule part ATOM
Characters that are typed? CAST
Grain woe ERGOT
Type of dream or wrench PIPE
Galapagos part ISLE
Marys: follower of Jesus and Broadway star MAGDALENEMARTIN
Shoe part INSOLE
Fail to attend NOTCOME
Backslide LAPSE
Editor’s addition mark CARET
Allen and Burton TIMS
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
In an offensive manner ODIOUSLY
Weasel relative FERRET
Marys: singer and actress WELLSTYLERMOORE
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Guitar type ACOUSTIC
Hamilton foe BURR
"To ___ his own" EACH
Muscat native OMANI
Stinky animal SKUNK
Toyota model COROLLA
Goes angling FISHES
Marys: first lady and TV personality TODDLINCOLNHART
Common skincare ingredient ALOE
Operation reminder SCAR
Karan the designer DONNA
Common Swedish male name LARS
Seeger or Sampras PETE
Puff ___ (snake variety) ADDER