Universal Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Theater mezzanine LOGE
Mystery writer? ANON
Spoken SAID
Certain trig functions SINES
Heart and liver, for two ORGANS
Satisfied sound AAH
Temporary currency SCRIP
Suffix for some numbers TEEN
Very angry IREFUL
Poli-___ (college major) SCI
Florida city TAMPA
Abrasive board EMERY
Mexican moolah PESOS
Livestock’s cafeteria TROUGH
Firming, as muscles TONING
Certain woodwind player OBOIST
Bar seat STOOL
Shark type MAKO
Eddie, in "Beverly Hills Cop" AXEL
Like a noted piper PIED
Bait buyer ANGLER
Church tower SPIRE
The loneliest number ONE
Cello ancestor VIOL
A.D. part ANNO
Hen’s output EGGS
It’s pulled out of hot water TEABAG
Santa’s vehicle SLEIGH
Shine up right good POLISH
Islamic ruler CALIPH
Varieties of plums GAGES
Involving ABOUT
"Rumble in the Jungle" locale ZAIRE
Baby-to-be FETUS
"Sweetheart of the ___" RODEO
Less than twice ONCE
Estuaries RIAS
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"… and children of all ___!" AGES
When to "hear this" NOW
10 min. NFL quarters OTS
Cowboy’s loop LASSO
___ spumante ASTI
Stair part STEP
Studio sign ONAIR
Computer brand ACER
Attended CAME
Phrase before "Gone!" GOINGTHREETIMES
Win over ENDEAR
"For more ___, contact …" INFO
Major leaguer, e.g. PRO
Mind others’ business SNOOP
Retracts, as a statement UNSAYS
Traveler’s check? MAP
Hero of the deli SUB
Got off a train, e.g. ALIT
Graph line AXIS
Mob enforcer GOON
Blazing stars NOVAE
Invite to an after-party, e.g. KEEPTHINGSGOING
"What a Wonderful World," e.g. OLDIE
Man’s jacket size LONG
Thoroughly absorbed RAPT
1957 Treaty of Rome creation EEC
Spanish article LOS
Garden pavilion GAZEBO
Robin’s Tuck FRIAR
Defunct sports org. ABA
Sunblock additive ALOE
Singer Estefan GLORIA
Getting out of sight GOINGINTOHIDING
Continental cash EURO
Bunny tail SCUT
Word with "porridge hot" PEASE
Cioppino, for one STEW
Big name in gasoline HESS
Has people over HOSTS