Universal Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Limb ARM
"Who, me?" MOI
Prepare for a selfie MUG
Turkish leaders AGHAS
Tablet relative NETBOOK
Bro’s sib SIS
Web address URL
Underwater hazards REEFS
Wrap around ENFOLD
Withdraw from battle RETREAT
Wrong direction for a stranded runner? RIGHTONBASE
Bro or dude relative HOMIE
Exposed to the public OUTED
Bigger-than-life ICONIC
Absurd comedy FARCE
Burger topping ONION
Wrong direction for the not mentioned? RIGHTUNSAID
Kin partners KITHS
Polish prose EDIT
Udder parts TEATS
Foreboding apprehension DREAD
Some beastly abodes CAGES
Filbert and hazelnut TREES
About ORSO
Noriega of Panama MANUEL
Prattles YABBERS
Light yellow FLAXEN
Drive forward IMPEL
Highlands natives GAELS
One of the Muses ERATO
In finer fettle HALER
Grand ___ (wine phrase) CRU
Small child TOT
Water in France EAU
TV watchdog FCC
Plumbing fitting TEE
Jordan’s capital AMMAN
More certain SURER
Greek letter RHO
Cheek application ROUGE
"Me, Myself & ___" (film) IRENE
Written promise to repay IOU
Wrong direction for the strong? MIGHTISLEFT
London hrs. GMT
Jackson Five hit ABC
Not against FOR
Get a move on and how HIE
Desolated, once FORSOOK
Almost snowed SLEETED
Little Skywalker ANI
Words with "bet" or "step" ONIT
Carpenter’s groove DADO
Trucker’s vehicle RIG
Passed illegally, as a check KITED
Provide a hint of color TINCT
Blue jack salmon COHO
Amulet on a bracelet CHARM
Skier’s elevator TBAR
Passage ENTRY
"Farm" or "home" suffix STEAD
Get older AGE
Mil. branch USAF
Rational SANE
Cross-referencing word SEE
Of low character IGNOBLE
Wife of a duke DUCHESS
More, in Mexico MAS
For some, it’s set low BAR
Historical period ERA
Whistle part PEA
Wrong direction for the absolutely correct? EXACTLYLEFT
Manning on the gridiron ELI
Rocket type RETRO
What a dove symbolizes PEACE
Leary’s drug LSD
Sty sniffer SNOUT
Cease-fire agreement TRUCE