Universal Crossword Answers November 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
___ of Good Feelings ERA
Old Greek gymnasium (var.) PALESTRA
Dental filling INLAY
Extremely excited AGOG
Hereditary LINEAL
What Vanna might reveal? ANI
Tongue sensor TASTEBUD
Occupied with INTO
Costner, in "The Untouchables" NESS
Animated duck DONALD
Penguin variety ADELIE
Shooting star METEOR
Predatory whale ORCA
Old coot CODGER
Tide type NEAP
Courtroom declaration OATH
"No Scrubs" group TLC
Old Scots GAELS
Stretch the truth LIE
Chips in ANTES
Wagnerian heroine ISOLDE
Phrase that has a ring to it? IDO
"___ and Dimed" NICKELED
Rat birds? CANARIES
Russian ruler, once TSAR
Repairs garments SEWS
___ out a living EKE
Marine mammal with tusks WALRUS
Mollusk that clings LIMPET
Sheathe ENCASE
Craggy hills TORS
___ firma TERRA
Play divisions ACTS
Take a chance DARE
Turkey part choice LEG
Guy doll KEN
"Weird" ending EST
Brown tint SEPIA
Language of old Rome LATIN
River blocker DAM
The murderer of the Rue Morgue ORANG
Absolutely ludicrous INANE
Lyric poem ODE
They need to be full of hot air BALLOONISTS
Court separator NET
Tidal bore EAGRE
How many plans are drawn TOSCALE
Prying NOSY
Actress Blanchett CATE
Eclectic collection OLIO
Chow down EAT
It stores bile GALLBLADDER
Open courtyards ATRIA
Prompter’s job CUING
Introduce gradually PHASEIN
Little Richard song, now OLDIE
Wipe a chalkboard ERASE
Power providers WALLSOCKETS
"Absolutely nope" NAW
Like a shirtless fan in Green Bay AVID
Casino game KENO
Sailors TARS
Citrus drink LIMEADE
Old-time news broadcaster CRIER
"Hip, hop, don’t stop" genre RAP
Flash a thumbs-up while crouching CALLASTRIKE
Sport-___ (vehicle) UTE
Tundra’s lack TREES
Ontario natives CREES
What the band plays SET
Swamp plant SEDGE