Universal Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sentry’s warning HALT
Asian domestic AMAH
Word before "the worse" NONE
Feature of aging GRAYNESS
Wild indulgences SPREES
"Wish I ___!" COULD
Mixture of metals ALLOY
Fermentation sediments LEES
Attention-getting sound PSST
Classic bumper-car ride DODGEM
"I have ___ good idea" AREAL
Send in, as payment REMIT
Common lunchtimes NOONS
Animal tender VET
Not in the dark AWARE
Opposin’ AGIN
Rescue SAVE
Offed, Biblically SLEW
Terrestrial amphibians EFTS
Cotillion star, briefly DEB
Carbon monoxide’s lack ODOR
Certain evergreen FIR
Legendary Celeste HOLM
Met tune for one ARIA
Gas in a sign NEON
Cherish ADORE
Letters signifying debt IOU
Certain tennis stroke FOREHAND
Deprive of status DIVEST
Rock similar to granite GNEISS
Superlative suffix EST
"Hannah Montana" actress CYRUS
Apartment alternative HOUSE
Celebs STARS
Variety show host EMCEE
Like meat past its prime GAMY
Certain woodwind OBOE
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Agents, for short REPS
3:00 direction EAST
Install paintings HANG
Resell illegally SCALP
"Shucks!" alternative DARN
Love, in Lima AMOR
Flag supporters? POLES
Cookie brand OREO
Actress Turner LANA
List with a board game RULES
Loaner car DEMO
Cellar-dweller fans’ lament THEYVELOSTAGAIN
Far from well-off NEEDY
Lashing aftermath WELTS
Black-ink items ASSETS
Cheese variety EDAM
Rodeo misses? GALS
Put forward OFFER
Solo in a spaceship HAN
"You already heard it from me" IVESAIDITBEFORE
Novel NEW
They open regularly DOORS
Sundry collection OLIO
With a brooding ill humor DOUR
Werner Herzog, for one GERMAN
Gumption SENSE
"I didn’t think of that" YOUVEGOTMETHERE
Boorish RUDE
Primitive calculators ABACI
On the ocean ASEA
Depletes (with "up") USES
Traditional customs MORES
Downy surfaces NAPS
Shipped SENT
Affirmatives YESES
Do a housekeeping job DUST