Universal Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Doctor’s "ASAP" STAT
In good, strong health HALE
Harbinger OMEN
Like embroidery OPENWORK
Deep opera voices BASSOS
Delete ERASE
Sealed with clay LUTED
Bassoon relative OBOE
Desire WANT
Gently persuades COAXES
Off-kilter ASKEW
Playground feature SLIDE
Accolade HONOR
Thousands of years EON
Rally together UNITE
Bangkok currency BAHT
Tuesday treat? TACO
Word after "a la" MODE
British rule over India RAJ
Type of boat or plane SAIL
Demolitionist’s supply TNT
Safe and sound OKAY
Choir voice ALTO
Young adult TEEN
Suspicious LEERY
Building addition ELL
Taking a risk CHANCING
Plan for a family’s spending BUDGET
Group of seven SEPTET
Foot digit TOE
Baby bird of prey OWLET
Two-door car COUPE
Ice cream holders CONES
Upholstery fabric TOILE
Big stars IDOLS
Haphazard collection OLIO
Leg joint KNEE
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Decays ROTS
"Scat!" SHOO
Underneath BELOW
Folding money CASH
Pack down TAMP
Caribbean island ARUBA
Norwegian capital OSLO
Safest nautical direction ALEE
Didn’t release, as news SATON
Comparable AKIN
’60s toon penguin TENNESSEETUXEDO
Courted WOOED
More recent NEWER
Conductors’ sticks BATONS
X-ray relatives MRIS
Way out yonder AFAR
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
Certain grain unit OAT
Postwar animated magpies HECKLEANDJECKLE
First prime number TWO
Select group ELITE
Detest HATE
Clapper’s place BELL
Decide not to retire STAYON
Take place OCCUR
Attach with twine TIEON
Animated redhead WOODYWOODPECKER
Inhalation station LUNG
Enthusiastic about INTO
Dueling sword EPEE
City in northern France LILLE
Quiz relative TEST
Performs, biblically DOEST
Salon goops GELS