Universal Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bon ___ (witty saying) MOT
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Skydivers’ necessities RIPCORDS
Settle a debt REPAY
Actor Stoltz ERIC
Colombia’s capital BOGOTA
Mentalist Geller URI
Early photographs TINTYPES
Dorothy’s dog TOTO
Early man in 53-Down ENOS
American elk WAPITI
Immediately ATONCE
Stable sounds NEIGHS
Hair-removal brand NAIR
Establishes or founds SETSUP
Comparison word THAN
Typical HGTV show feature REDO
Agent of 64-Across SPY
Teeniest WEEST
Nile snake ASP
Type of race RELAY
Act as a go-between LIAISE
Mineral spring SPA
Revealing type of sign? TELLTALE
Gangster movie sound effects RATATATS
It comes between "Earl" and 50-Across GREY
Pilots’ guesses ETAS
Defunct VCR maker RCA
Be an arm twister COERCE
Nanny relative AUPAIR
Antebellum PREWAR
Quill accessory INKPOT
Weight deducted from freight TARE
The Good Book BIBLE
"Organ" suffixes ISMS
"Informer" rapper SNOW
Actor Scott ADAM
School support gp. PTA
Dance syllable CHA
Decks KOS
Arctic diver MURRE
City in Montana BUTTE
Pale WAN
Willow tree offshoot OSIER
Hunter among the stars ORION
Had lunch ATE
Gaining access, as to a resource TAPPINGINTO
Luau bowlful POI
Chocolate beans CACAO
"Turning" companion TOSSING
Helen was taken there TROY
"Bitsy" start ITSY
Engrave ETCH
Feminine pronoun HER
Finale cast events WRAPPARTIES
Confuse ADDLE
Affirmatives YESES
Most prying NOSIEST
Spend extravagantly SPLURGE
By command of ASPER
Not together APART
Atlanta or Nashville, e.g. CAPITALCITY
Coffee alternative TEA
Not just yours OURS
Del Rey or Turner LANA
Inlets BAYS
Olympic fencer EPEEIST
Brightly colored snake KRAIT
Not cooked RAW
Didn’t just sit there taking criticism SNAPPEDBACK
Covert org. CIA
Very, in Italy MOLTO
E’en if ALTHO
Mess up ERR
Pore output SWEAT
Tablelands MESAS