Universal Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Bloom County" character OPUS
"Godfather" Corleone VITO
"Aim high …" military org. USAF
Prince in India MAHARAJA
"Golden" army HORDE
Coral island ATOLL
Graphic opening? DEMO
Czech or Pole SLAV
It can go either way TOSSUP
White as a sheet ASHEN
Get puffed up BLOAT
Like Santa’s laundry SOOTY
Use a scope AIM
Our planet EARTH
Land measure ACRE
Hurtful remark SLUR
Not just big HUGE
___ d’oeuvre HORS
Cleo’s slayer ASP
"Ben-___" HUR
"… ___ to leap tall buildings" ABLE
One born to receive HEIR
Brouhahas ADOS
Material that runs? NYLON
What a 65 in a school zone might get you? DEE
Clutches GRASPS
Axle gunk GREASE
"Fond du" finish LAC
Glower SCOWL
Lecture platforms PODIA
Agendums ITEMS
Welsh ___ (dog breed) CORGI
More suited APTER
Fathers, informally DADS
Basketball need HOOP
"What ___ ‘ya got going on?" ELSE
Litigates SUES
Try out TEST
Breakfast for Caesar? OVUM
Hanging items in 2000 CHADS
Close watch TABS
Leaning tower city PISA
Place to stay HOTEL
Christiania, once OSLO
"Spiral Jetty" state UTAH
Smell of therapy? AROMA
"Amscray!" relative SHOO
What musical Courtney put in her living room? SOFAANDLOVESEAT
Orion’s brightest star RIGEL
Family nickname (var.) AUNTY
"Ain’t It ___" (Fats Domino jam) ASHAME
Heavenly instrument? HARP
___-Napoca (city in Romania) CLUJ
Specter GHOST
"Take On Me" band AHA
What actor Eddie put in his guestroom? RUGANDMURPHYBED
"___ I saw Elba …" ERE
Trips around the sun YEARS
Mixed variety OLIO
Narrow valley GLEN
Epoxy appliers GLUERS
Richard’s first second SPIRO
Diamond measure CARAT
What Hollywood legend Bob had in his army barracks? COTANDHOPECHEST
Poems of tribute ODES
Major heart valve AORTA
Chimney part FLUE
Human cream puff WIMP
Bygone Venetian leaders DOGES
Handles USES
Scottish girl LASS
Church tower SPIRE
Old-style "for fear that" LEST