Universal Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hebrides hat TAM
Legal org. ABA
Downpour for champions CONFETTI
Shamu, e.g. ORCA
Recipe direction STIR
Emergency CRISIS
KO verifier REF
Fuss ADO
Something to the wise WORD
Ghana capital ACCRA
Roof of the mouth PALATE
Makes excited ELATES
Most crafty SLYEST
Bird beak NEB
Cheapened DEGRADED
PC key ALT
Hotel room perk VIEW
At that point THEREON
Type of support TECH
Large containers URNS
India neighbor PAKISTAN
Horseracing legend Seattle SLEW
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Psyche components EGOS
Not yet final, law-wise NISI
Paranormal ability ESP
Like some prices RETAIL
Chicago fire name OLEARY
Overwhelming fear TERROR
"I’ve had enough" NOMORE
Witchy old woman CRONE
Drill insert BIT
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Actress Jessica ALBA
Gelatin dish, e.g. MOLD
Toothpaste-approving org. ADA
Voyage beginning? BON
Who may come before Friday? GAL
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Mexican munchies TACOS
Sticking point CRAW
Jungle primates APES
Scuttle a takeoff ABORT
Perform again REDO
A poker strategy CALL
Three Henrys: music man, factory innovator, orator MANCINIFORDCLAY
Bus charges FARES
Lower the grade of DERATE
St. crosser AVE
Ship’s post BITT
Fence openings GATES
Beamed from ear-to-ear LITUP
Fleece SHEAR
Cold finish? EST
Bright aquarium fishes TETRAS
Dazzling success ECLAT
Two Henrys: actor, explorer WINKLERHUDSON
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Bully, to a child MEANIE
Spoil ROT
Attire DRESS
Choose ELECT
Snooty one SNOB
Test the water? SIP
Lands of Latins TERRAS
Dolphins’ home MIAMI
Two Henrys: slugger, historian AARONCABOTLODGE
Old Monopoly token IRON
Strong smell ODOR
Harp ancestor LYRE
Wax’s opposite WANE
Befuddle ADDLE