Universal Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Corrosive liquid ACID
Full of guile WILY
Rough breathing sound RALE
Not me YOU
Clothing protector APRON
Twosome PAIR
Nobel Prize category ECONOMICS
100 bani LEU
Singer’s asset, slangily PIPES
Persia, now IRAN
Throw TOSS
Poker pay-in ANTE
"Gremlins" villain STRIPE
Knock for a loop STUN
Toad features WARTS
___-l’Eveque (French cheese) PONT
Tree that quakes ASPEN
Snow unit FLAKE
Welded together FUSED
Chick sound CHEEP
___ con carne CHILI
Upset audience member, sometimes BOOER
George Smiley, for one SPYMASTER
Cabinet department STATE
Hospital’s inner vision? XRAY
Bring into accord ATTUNE
Loud jungle sound ROAR
Island greetings ALOHAS
Ticket remains STUBS
Mooring line posts BITTS
"Fall" attachment PRAT
Head for space? AERO
Lee or Laurel STAN
Ice cream vehicle CONE
Flower container VASE
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
Super ant of cartoons ATOM
U.N. locale NYC
Poker winnings POT
Wrong AWRY
Jacket flap LAPEL
Greek bread PITA
Farewell, in Rome CIAO
Quickly APACE
"Pumping ___" IRON
Feature of great historical figures ILLUSTRIOUSPAST
Coloring agent DYE
Rose protector THORN
Walking on eggshells TENSE
Small brown bird WREN
Artistic work OPUS
Catered event AFFAIR
"Are you serious?" CMON
"Young Sheldon" network CBS
Drink noisily SLURP
Tibia’s place SHIN
Footwear item SHOE
Strong belief no more PASTEXPECTATION
___ out (barely earns) EKES
Toast options RYES
"Canterbury" stories TALES
Actor Beatty NED
Freeway access RAMP
Fancy apparel ATTIRE
Nutritious bean (var.) SOYA
"My ___ Heaven" BLUE
Spaghetti, e.g. PASTA
Grafting shoot SCION
Travel word VIA
Speedy steed ARAB
Busybody YENTA
Norwegian metropolis OSLO
Heavy weights TONS
Peppery green garnish CRESS
Abound TEEM