Universal Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Oh no, stupid me!" DOH
Tokyo, once EDO
Romanian coin LEU
Puts on the rack, perhaps TORTURES
National songs ANTHEMS
Cries copiously BAWLS
"Fifteen Miles on the ___ Canal" ERIE
Certain bill TEN
Brought to life on cels ANIMATED
Like some devilish cults SATANIC
Not that fast of a time unit? SPLITMINUTE
Make amends ATONE
Leather strap for punishments TAWSE
Not theirs OURS
"___ in victory" (elementary lesson) VAS
Like a contained enemy ATBAY
What limericks do RHYME
Erato, Clio and Thalia, e.g. MUSES
Heart artery AORTA
___ Major (southern constellation) CANIS
Trident parts TINES
Title on a hard drive FILENAME
Striking feature SALIENCE
Gets older MATURES
Made sure SAWTOIT
Bluejacket TAR
Clothing closure SEAM
Belgrade citizens SERBS
Cause of yawning ENNUI
Salon apparatus DRYER
Having knowledge of, as a scheme ONTO
Stat finale, sometimes ION
Kickoff aid TEE
Attila, for one HUN
Gatherer of intelligence SPY
Major airline DELTA
Some preliminary tests BETAS
Didn’t straphang SAT
Old theater name ODEON
Sports venue ARENA
School fund-raising grp. PTA
Long, drawn-out NBC game show? HOURTOWINIT
Not high LOW
Greenland air base site THULE
Dazzling virtuosos (var.) MAVINS
Lawyers in action ARGUERS
Huge marine mammal MANATEE
Units of heat THERMS
"Rain Man" disorder AUTISM
Data storage units BYTES
Trigonometry function COSEC
"For what ___ worth …" ITS
Old radio teammate of Andy AMOS
Made out FARED
State of agitated irritation SNIT
Craving YEN
After-dinner fresheners MINTS
Finnish sweatbox SAUNA
Roma’s land ITALIA
Winter road treater SALTER
Lawmaking groups SENATES
Most moist, as morning grass DEWIEST
Certain football play ENDRUN
Speak publicly ORATE
Hereditary stuff RNA
Late March and April definitely, and often May RAINYMONTHS
Purchase BUY
Act in a melodramatic manner EMOTE
Freeze, as a window pane ICEUP
Bro’s sib SIS
Mexican gentleman SENOR
Very small TEENY