Universal Crossword Answers October 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Crazy guess STAB
Attachment to "chute" PARA
Comedian Idle ERIC
One way to avoid a potential scene WALKAWAY
Authorized stand-in PROXY
Old Italian money LIRA
Eve’s mate ADAM
Himalayan legend YETI
Sports venue ARENA
Guru’s chant MANTRA
Fancy needle case ETUI
Well-___ (rich) TODO
Church word AMEN
Average print characters? ENS
Fancy mayonnaise AIOLI
Movie make-ups CASTS
Like the sky on July 4 LITUP
Proverb ADAGE
Photo finish option MATTE
Genus of some garden pests APHIS
Exodus commemoration feast SEDER
Narrow passage of water INLET
Hunts after SEEKS
Genetic cell stuff RNA
Bigger characters than 21-Down EMS
A bit of land in the ocean ISLET
Less insulated DRAFTIER
One seeking interest, often LENDER
Coffee alternative TEA
Swedish currency KRONA
Freshen RENEW
"911" city of TV and film RENO
It may start with "I swear" OATH
Distinctive smell ODOR
Low dam WEIR
Mediocre SOSO
Largest empire in pre-Columbian America INCA
"Cheers" accountant NORM
Some Serengeti antelopes GNUS
Gush forth SPEW
Beach, in Baja PLAYA
Prefix with "physics" META
O’Hara’s fictional home TARA
Bus fare payer RIDER
Molecule part ATOM
Seed cover ARIL
Speechify ORATE
Naked NUDE
One reason to see a chiropractor BACKEXAMINATION
Whichever ANY
Ventilate AIR
Feline defenses CLAWS
Mothers, informally MAS
Fertile place in the desert OASIS
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Descend down a mountain, in a way RAPPEL
Geneva-to-Lucerne dir. ENE
Avoid choosing sides STAYINTHEMIDDLE
Yank TUG
Glossy fabrics SATINS
Smell bad REEK
Extremist’s suffix EST
Sweet pastries TARTS
Cartoon shriek EEK
Sports offic. REF
It’s often reserved for VIPs FRONTROWSEATING
Assume command of LEAD
Old theater name ODEON
Privy to INON
Cough up some chips? ANTE
Beige ECRU
Physicist Niels BOHR
Archery need ARROW
Some Dodge trucks RAMS