Universal Crossword Answers October 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Commandment word SHALT
The guy "at the bat" CASEY
Express with words UTTER
Memorable Yogi BERRA
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
Sundial part GNOMON
Oatmeal annoyances LUMPS
Eisenhower or Turner IKE
Islands off the Carolina coast BERMUDAS
Big name in car repair MIDAS
Indian princess RANI
It may be upped, in poker ANTE
"___ to 5" NINE
Fluids stocked in hospitals SERA
Indispensable requirement NEED
John/Rice musical AIDA
River to the Rhine RUHR
Mimicked APED
Means or modes WAYS
Not fully closed AJAR
Actor Gooding Jr. CUBA
Like retread tires USED
Final amt. TTL
Dined ATE
Grade-sch. supporter PTA
Unforeseen costs OVERRUNS
General helper AIDE
Kirk nemesis KHAN
Feudal estate FIEF
Lost color, as hair GRAYED
Lobster’s feeler PALP
Incite, as havoc WREAK
Diacritical mark TILDE
Bondservant SLAVE
The end, to Caesar FINIS
Put into office ELECT
Incredibly shabby RATTY
Gulf War missile SCUD
Apse neighbor NAVE
Sought-after stuff in mines ORES
Online giggle indicator LOL
Call after a bad serve LET
Diving gear SCUBA
Smooth-talking GLIB
Oscar-winner Sorvino MIRA
Loathed HATED
Reheat in a microwave, in slang NUKE
Iraq neighbor IRAN
Spaced-out to-do list? (Part 1) ASTRONOMERSDONT
Look of lechery LEER
Little scamp IMP
Villain, to a child MEANIE
Large carnivorous bipedal dinosaurs TYRANNOSAURS
Nightfall, poetically EEN
First lady McKinley IDA
Not cooked RAW
Like some angles ACUTE
Org. for oral surgeons ADA
Certain insect stage PUPA
Spaced-out to-do list? (Part 2) JUSTDOATASKTHEY
Cain’s victim ABEL
Compete VIE
Die-___ (very staunch people) HARDS
X-ray dose unit RAD
Nourished FED
Stat for a student GPA
Banking convenience WIRETRANSFER
Nighttime noisemaker SNORER
Suffix with "provident" IAL
Singer McCann LILA
Spaced-out to-do list? (Part 3) CAREFULLYPLANET
Eye part UVEA
Word often with "lymph" NODE
Boot out of a residence EVICT
Office item DESK
Snow vehicle SLED
Easy to anger TESTY