Universal Crossword Answers October 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hummus complement PITA
Black, poetically EBON
Latvian capital RIGA
Not waste USE
Expressing optimism HOPING
Place to fish, for many LAKE
Genetic stuff DNA
"Get ’em, Fang!" SIC
Long oars SCULLS
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Old video game PONG
"Don’t move, Fang!" STAY
Math subj. TRIG
Actress Jennifer Love HEWITT
Asian peninsula MALAY
Poetry on a grand theme EPOS
Switzerland’s capital BERN
Steer clear of AVOID
Ripsnorter or lulu DILLY
Good writers make them thicken PLOTS
Rookies TYROS
Walk like a crab SIDLE
Take, as advice ACTON
Refusals NOES
Bewitch ENAMOR
Wintry coat RIME
Scottish tongue ERSE
Place of a historic edict NANTES
Posh residences MANORS
Author Larson ERIK
Printer need PAPER
Piece of cake SNAP
Thing made by a tuning fork TONE
European erupter ETNA
Took the bus, perhaps RODE
TV award EMMY
Alaskan city NOME
"Dukes of Hazzard" sheriff ENOS
Affirmative YES
Dead heat TIE
Hearing organ EAR
Lima’s country PERU
Wrestling moves HOLDS
Easy con victims SAPS
Wading bird of Egypt IBIS
Muscat native OMANI
It can restrict blood flow CLOT
But what if he won’t "GO"? (Part 1) TOGETPIKACHUONA
Literary collection ANA
Ceremony RITE
Melancholy poem ELEGY
Spiritual lapses SINS
Cry weakly, as a kitten MEWL
No-goodnik BADEGG
Roman Catholics PAPISTS
Like Lucifer EVIL
Apportion ALLOT
Yang complement YIN
But what if he won’t "GO"? (Part 2) ROLLERCOASTERDO
Zilch NIL
"___ Gritty Dirt Band" NITTY
Actor’s part ROLE
Energetic go-getters DYNAMOS
Disorderly scenes MESSES
Old TV show set in a church AMEN
Kind of pad STENO
Hindu royal RANI
Botswana-to-Tanzania dir. ENE
But what if he won’t "GO"? (Part 3) NOTTRYTOPOKEMON
Heche of movies ANNE
Duck down EIDER
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Round veggies PEAS
Prophets SEERS
Bread varieties RYES