Universal Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Common tree type OAK
Geisha’s sash OBI
Kind of Buddhism ZEN
Most irritable EDGIEST
Superior monks ABBOTS
Quarters and dimes COINS
Swear CUSS
"Yuck!" UGH
Come in third, in a horse race SHOW
Liveliness of mind ESPRIT
One of the British royals PRINCEHARRY
Marshy pine forest TAIGA
Out of place AMISS
Terrified yell SCREAM
Some bills ONES
Ohio city near Dayton XENIA
Type of set diamond PRINCESSCUT
"… our flag was still ___" THERE
Mature elvers EELS
Mineo or Maglie SAL
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Arabian chieftain (var.) AMEER
Frisbees or records, e.g. DISCS
Sound of amazement OOH
Come into view EMERGE
Color qualities HUES
Any natural number INTEGER
Social circle CLIQUE
Did a road crew’s job TARRED
Annoying tykes BRATS
Saintly emanations AURAE
Itchy pooch ailment MANGE
"___ Lang Syne" AULD
Poultry or pork, e.g. MEAT
Collegiate Bulldog ELI
Tokyo, once EDO
Opposite of "paleo" NEO
This stuff is dynamite TNT
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Harper Valley gp. PTA
Not up and moving ABED
Large branches BOUGHS
Aries or a popular pickup RAM
Certain chess piece KINGSBISHOP
Sundial number III
Desktop images ICONS
Betrays, perhaps WRONGS
Specialists EXPERTS
Machu Picchu builders INCAS
Biblical passages VERSES
One being quizzed TESTEE
Singer Baker ANITA
"Take ___ Train" (Ellington classic) THEA
Herring relative SHAD
"Gunga ___" DIN
White German wine MOSELLE
French friend AMI
"To ___ his own" EACH
Rowboat necessities OARS
Becomes bogged down MIRES
Trick-taking game EUCHRE
Hedgehog-like creature of Madagascar TENREC
Swiss city BASEL
Some self-sacrificing saints MARTYRS
Moscow’s country RUSSIA
Animated blue-haired lady MARGE
Circle part ARC
Female monarch ruling on behalf of another QUEENREGENT
Certain Greek letter TAU
Unfilled part of a wine cask ULLAGE
Biblical garden EDEN
Filming site SET
Trimmed text EDITED
Dig around ROOT