Universal Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Howls like a hound BAYS
"… look ___ like Christmas" ALOT
Go sightseeing TOUR
Defender of Castle Grayskull HEMAN
Japanese port NAGASAKI
Verb suffix in the Bible ETH
Receives GETS
Becomes corroded RUSTS
DoleÂ’s running mate of 1996 KEMP
Common fruit APPLE
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia YEMEN
Does a spring job on the farm SEEDS
Thing on an agenda ITEM
Favorable trend on Wall Street UPTURN
Loiter TARRY
Crow sounds CAWS
Seed case ARIL
Feel sorrow for PITY
Mythical greedy king MIDAS
She’s quite the Hardy lass TESS
"Pardon me there, buddy …" AHEM
Utilize a garden hose SPRAY
Nile wading birds IBIS
Like a streaker NUDE
Ratatouille, for one STEW
One way to cook beef BRAISE
With hooves UNGULATE
Inflammation of the ear OTITIS
Material for a birthday suit? SKIN
Acclimate ADAPT
Transition SEGUE
Material for many statues STONE
Tone of old photos SEPIA
Sign of things to come OMEN
Beef fat SUET
London’s national art gallery TATE
Cries from court officers OYES
Tax expert (Abbr.) CPA
Shower alternative BATH
Spaniard’s black NEGRO
Strikeout letters KAYS
Healing succulent plant ALOE
Enjoyed and how ATEUP
Sword with a bell guard EPEE
I’m no silly goose (Part 1) YOUMIGHTSTUMPME
Bird’s home NEST
Drunk SOT
Cunning threesome? ENS
Bit of casual wear CAP
Sir’s counterpart MAAM
Tough thing to crack NUT
Opera feature ARIA
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Horse checkers REINS
I’m no silly goose (Part 2) WITHBIRDPUNSBUT
With more schemes SLYER
Knitter’s material YARN
Faction SIDE
Chairman of China, once MAO
Droops SAGS
Stitch SEW
Donkey ASS
I’m no silly goose (Part 3) ITS
Boisterous laughs YUKS
Some bank transactions DEPOSITS
Certainly isn’t truthful with LIESTO
I’m no silly goose (Part 4) AGAMETOUCANPLAY
Untarnished PURE
Ineffectual INEPT
"Must have been something ___" (Burp!) IATE
Prom attendee TEEN
Stiff hairs or bristles, such as on caterpillars SETAE
Burrows and Lincoln ABES