Universal Crossword Answers October 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Jack of "Dragnet" WEBB
Give a job to HIRE
Canal with just one consonant ERIE
Remain on the wagon TEETOTAL
Annie of comics, for one ORPHAN
Gondolier kin POLER
Hanging open AGAPE
Type of moth LUNA
Witnessed SEEN
Model woods BALSAS
Mishmashes or miscellanies OLIOS
Author Thomas WOLFE
Toronto Maple ___ LEAFS
However, old-style and brief THO
Beach item TOWEL
Walk through water WADE
In need of rain ARID
Loose ones sink ships, it’s said LIPS
Whirl SPIN
Common Market letters, once EEC
Labels TAGS
Landing guess, briefly ETA
Roll call call HERE
Eisenhower and others IKES
Quiet "Hey you!" PSST
Sheeplike OVINE
CitiField player MET
Noise dampeners EARPLUGS
Classy "Take care" BEWELL
It loves company, it’s said MISERY
Ballpark fig. EST
Some strings in the kitchen APRON
Christopher who portrayed Superman REEVE
Hawaiian porch LANAI
Inhibit CRIMP
Insurgent REBEL
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Prepare a present WRAP
Weights, in slang IRON
Defense org. in Brussels NATO
Emulate a firefly GLOW
Sharpen WHET
Milky gems OPALS
Oatmeal dish BOWL
The Old Sod, e.g. EIRE
Trickster or rascal ROGUE
Soothing plant ALOE
Soft French cheese BRIE
It smooths rough edges PLANE
Singer McCann LILA
Destroy in a contest, veggie-style? BEETTHEPANTSOFF
Busy Midwestern airport OHARE
Desert respites OASES
John Boy, for one WALTON
Hems without hawing SEWS
Opera highlight ARIA
Plains abode, once TEPEE
With-it HIP
Output of veggie spies in the embassy? DIPLOMATICLEEKS
O’Neill and Begley Jr. EDS
Meat and dairy shunner VEGAN
Mythical war god ARES
Things fitted in drills BITS
Most scant or slight MEREST
"King of the Hill" town ARLEN
Like fresh celery CRISP
Veggie-sponsored league for little grapplers? PEAWEEWRESTLING
Russo or Descartes RENE
Eurasian range URAL
Shape of an egg OVAL
Christener or identifier NAMER
Words before "Jail" in Monopoly GOTO
Diamond with many hits NEIL
Slap on APPLY
Winter shovelful SNOW