Universal Crossword Answers September 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Suds it up BATHE
Sickly pale ASHEN
Shoplift STEAL
Regional woodland SILVA
Skirt’s end HEM
Noisy bustle ADO
Advance credit to LEND
Type of kick ONSIDE
Hard seed cover TESTA
Aware of ONTO
Friendly intro? USER
Short and not sweet CURT
Big name in 61-Down HESS
"Musket" ender EER
"It ___ all that bad!" ISNT
Barbed remark GIBE
Organic compound ENOL
First murderer CAIN
Push to do something URGE
Physics Nobelist Niels BOHR
Picnic pests ANTS
Informal talk CHAT
Actor’s part ROLE
Gawk at OGLE
Musial or Laurel STAN
Short SHY
Thrilla in Manila boxer ALI
Track gathering MEET
Salamanders’ relatives EFTS
Gung-ho about INTO
Mall tenants STORES
Duke Ellington’s initials EKE
Lhasa’s place TIBET
Noise in the night SNORE
Olympic star Moses EDWIN
Things run by 45-Down SALES
Way out, e.g. AFAR
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Bad day for Caesar IDES
Give out in small portions METE
Sound made from rough breathing RALE
Major network NBC
Fuel type GAS
Striped fish BASS
Angel’s topper HALO
Affect emotionally TOUCH
Spot of wine? ASTI
Nod’s neighbor EDEN
Result ENSUE
1990 film with Diane Keaton and Elliott Gould THELEMONSISTERS
Throw forcefully HEAVE
Twists, as facts DISTORTS
ID you cannot see DNA
Map detail INSET
Havana’s country CUBA
Archer’s weapon CROSSBOW
Baseball legend Hank AARON
Make sure everyone knows that you’re starring HOGTHELIMELIGHT
Soothe, as fears ALLAY
Oil and sugar companies, at times REFINERS
Any high schooler TEEN
Bit of land in the ocean ISLET
Explosive initials TNT
Dangerous African flies TSETSES
Disney employee ANIMATOR
College football event from 1994-2010 FEDEXORANGEBOWL
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
Napoleon’s exile site ELBA
Canal to the Hudson ERIE
Kentucky Derby flowers ROSES
Minute bits of time SECS
Hamiltons TENS