Universal Crossword Answers September 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Voting group BLOC
New Old World money EURO
Killed, as a dragon SLEW
Like a drooling dog SLOBBERY
Poorly insulated DRAFTY
Displace, as a plant REPOT
Off-white color IVORY
Tackle box item LURE
"Don’t ___ little thing like that get you down!" LETA
Some ship officers BOSUNS
Corbeled bay window ORIEL
Rockslide debris SCREE
Lacks, briefly HASNT
Slippery sea creature EEL
Feeling of uneasiness QUALM
Dark purple PUCE
High-flying recruiters USAF
Landlord’s due RENT
Judging partiality BIAS
Item used in strokes OAR
Expression of relief PHEW
Line in clothing HEM
King toppers ACES
Got up ROSE
Start of a classic Yuletide verse TWAS
Slow mover in the Suez Canal OILER
Beehive State college athlete UTE
Expatriate EMIGRANT
Indistinct, as vision BLEARY
Feels sorry for PITIES
Yoko of the avant-garde ONO
Word attached to "land" or "sea" SCAPE
___ down (muted) TONED
Possessed OWNED
Root number or root word RADIX
Practical UTILE
Iron, bauxite and copper ORES
Celeb’s achievement FAME
Within striking distance NEAR
Canal of song ERIE
Egg part YOLK
First lady Truman BESS
Dentist’s tool DRILL
Nonsense BOSH
Break in the action LULL
Variety show REVUE
Type of whale ORCA
Certain cookie brand OREO
To the left, at sea APORT
Dubbed men SIRS
What beef is to her royal highness? COWBEFOREAQUEEN
One of the Rubbles BETTY
Like vacant apartments UNLET
Exclusively or solely PURELY
Some snake varieties BOAS
Candidate for rehab USER
Lab bottle (var.) PHIAL
Framed stuff ART
Question from a milk-loving phone purchaser? CANYOUHEARMECOW
Young newt EFT
List contents ITEMS
City in Arizona MESA
Made bubbles, in a way BLEW
Sets in balance POISES
Pilfered STOLE
Regretting RUING
The timid family lawyer was granted … COWEROFATTORNEY
"Black Beauty" author Sewell ANNA
Spoke multiple times? RADII
"Dynamic" prefix AERO
Word with "pressure" or "group" PEER
Griffith of boxing EMILE
Manicurist’s target NAIL
Swirl in the water EDDY
Male and female SEXES
Journey TREK