Universal Crossword Answers September 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Like dried mud on shoes CAKED
Auburn hair dye HENNA
Often-missed humor IRONY
Hocus ___ POCUS
Baseball necessity BAT
The Bard’s hubbub ADO
Gambles BETS
Not injured UNHURT
Mistake GAFFE
Hybrid fruit UGLI
Barry Sanders was one LION
Basin obstruction CLOG
His match? HERS
Thing bought in a craft store KIT
Mythical matchmaker with a bow EROS
Social insects ANTS
Bridle strap REIN
Stratford’s river AVON
Lothario ROUE
Bar offerings GINS
Ends’ partner ODDS
Clerge member ABBE
Hall of Fame pitcher Maddux GREG
Infamous emperor NERO
Crew equipment OARS
Kite’s milieu SKY
Leftover on the dinner table ORT
Read ’em and ___ WEEP
Irk big-time GALL
Niger neighbor MALI
Holds forth OPINES
Redbone and Uris LEONS
Vase for ashes URN
King with a golden touch MIDAS
Housekeeper on "The Brady Bunch" ALICE
Comedy or romance, e.g. GENRE
The 12 of a cube EDGES
Tabloid tidbit ITEM
Clout SWAY
Method of memorization ROTE
Copycat APER
Eyelid lump STYE
Pastoral spot LEA
Commercials ADS
Poker item CHIP
Hindu’s "sir" BABU
Deep ravine GULCH
Aviation-related AERO
Middle East gulf ADEN
Flexible AGILE
World-weary feeling ENNUI
Huntington Beach activities SURFINGS
The sun by another term DAYSTAR
Lobster eggs ROE
Birds’ homes NESTS
Jason’s mythical ship ARGO
Lacking faith AGNOSTIC
Built like Humpty-Dumpty OVOID
Bush fruit BERRY
It "counts" to the tidy NEATNESS
Ids’ complements EGOS
Inn alternative MOTEL
What you lose by taking a stand LAP
Peacock’s feathers PLUMAGE
Tel Aviv residents ISRAELIS
Made angry RILED
Attempt for a skilled pilot TWOPOINTLANDING
Consumed EATEN
Checked out EYED
Land measurement of ten square chains ACRE
Mike of "SNL" MYERS
Ocean equivalents SEAS
Homophone of 66-Across SEES