Universal Crossword Answers September 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Dark red or brownish-purple color PUCE
Ever and ___ ANON
Get off ___ free SCOT
Munro’s alias SAKI
Long, great stories EPICS
Bad way to be prepared? ILL
Type of care, job or camp DAY
Defector EMIGRE
Mentally balanced SANE
Puff ___ (snake variety) ADDER
Authored WROTE
Shari or Jerry LEWIS
Lip-___ (fakes singing) SYNCS
Sleuth’s cohort TEC
Economic meas. GNP
Norwegian capital OSLO
As good as expected UPTOPAR
Ain’t made right? ISNT
"… and ___ the twain shall meet" NEER
Congregation’s place NAVE
Blossom support STEM
Put a sharper edge on WHET
Dude’s kin BRO
Neutral shade ECRU
Poetic tribute ODE
With competence ABLY
Respiratory sound RALE
Capture digitally SCAN
___ out (barely manages) EKES
Cabbage with curly leaves KALE
Grass variety REDTOP
Famed director George LUCAS
Form of lyric poem EPODE
Fasten or attach AFFIX
Neat or groovy! NIFTY
Behold SEE
USMC rank, briefly COL
Braid, e.g. TRESS
Plastic building block LEGO
Soreness ACHE
Innermost CORE
Garishly bright LOUD
Ticker tests, for short EKGS
Start for "gram" ANA
___ Paese (cheese variety) BEL
No longer hot? PASSE
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Woodworking tools AWLS
Open an aspirin bottle UNCAP
Priest of the East LAMA
Squirrel’s nest DREY
A lazy chef will … COOKITLYINGDOWN
Attract ENTICE
Kind of code GENETIC
Clean pots SCOUR
Fourth estate PRESS
Hotel alternatives INNS
Gush forth SPEW
Safety feature SEATBELT
With a scratchy voice HOARSE
The chef moving on from her past … NEVERCOOKEDBACK
Tiny earthquake TREMOR
Knee bones PATELLAE
Siberian river URAL
Urgings YENS
Standing up straight ERECT
Toward the goal UPFIELD
Delphic predictor ORACLE
For his guests in the waiting room, a doctor hired a … COFFEETABLECOOK
Entrance for a miner ADIT
Vamoosed GONE
Show indifference SHRUG
Attractive SEXY
Multicolored gemstone OPAL
Things for new gardeners SEEDS