Usa Today Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Stained, like a pressman’s apron INKY
Fish in gefilte fish CARP
Sleeve ends CUFFS
Artist Joan from Barcelona MIRO
"Nolo contendere," e.g. PLEA
Covent Garden event OPERA
Item in a fast-food side ONIONRING
Where van Gogh painted sunflowers ARLES
Maker of GOLEAN cereals KASHI
Had some 17-Acrosses, say ATE
Doves’ homes COTES
Redding with a posthumous Grammy OTIS
Online discussion CHAT
Swear off a vice REFORM
Cultural Revolution leader MAO
Barbecue fare RIBS
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Weaken, as judgment IMPAIR
Bit of a quarrel SPAT
Valedictorian’s rank ONE
Frank on a stick CORNDOG
Voting "aye" PRO
1959 Cadillac prominences FINS
Entertain, as with stories REGALE
Part of a Freudian threesome EGO
Shakers, e.g. SECT
Animal that may "arm-swing" APE
Like a library book, at times LOANED
No-goodnik HEEL
Sportscaster Albert MARV
Lindsay of "Bobby" LOHAN
"Veep" channel HBO
White House Press Secretary before Carney GIBBS
Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
Stat in a pitching average EARNEDRUN
More ticked off SORER
Hunk of sea ice FLOE
Leslie Caron title role of 1953 LILI
Winkler who played the Fonz HENRY
Emergency shelter, perhaps TENT
Website for business reviews YELP
Response to "Are you hurt?" IMOK
Santa Maria companion NINA
Bruce Jenner’s ex KRIS
Attention-getting cry YOOHOO
EMT’s skill CPR
AKA follower ALIAS
Monopoly deed figure RENT
Helper on the Hill PAGE
Cinderella’s transport COACH
Hullabaloos UPROARS
Paper Mate Flair, e.g. FELTTIPPEN
Bratty talk SASS
Acid also called aqua fortis NITRIC
Having no scruples IMMORAL
Toyota model that’s the world’s best-selling COROLLA
Landing spots for Santa ROOFS
Kovacs of early TV ERNIE
Brass instrument with a coil FRENCHHORN
Mutt’s malady MANGE
Verdi’s Ethiopian princess AIDA
Garbage-hauling craft BARGE
Put up with STOOD
Pre-op activity PREP
Foreman with a grill GEORGE
Thieving sort STEALER
In a gung-ho way AVIDLY
Contestant’s mail-in ENTRY
Slow-witted sort MORON
W.C. Fields persona LUSH
Instrument called an "ill wind" in song OBOE
Test the weight of HEFT
Seat at a hoedown BALE
Cheese similar to Camembert BRIE
Symbol of an "up" market, and what can precede the last parts of 17-, 39- and 62-Across and 11- and 28-Down BULL
Quick cut SNIP
Butterfly catcher NET