Usa Today Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Pucker-inducing TART
Stared slack-jawed GAPED
Up to the task ABLE
Real estate measure AREA
Amazon transaction, e.g. ESALE
Like-minded voting group BLOC
Whistle-blowing Brockovich ERIN
Runs out of steam TIRES
Bit of pageant attire SASH
Wells Fargo branch manager, e.g. BANKOFFICER
Tillerson to ExxonMobil, once (Abbr.) CEO
Item in a shucking contest OYSTER
Several consecutive wins, say STREAK
Sources of metals ORES
Puget Sound city TACOMA
Tupperware sound BURP
Serving of ribs SLAB
Add zip to PEPUP
Letters on military mail APO
Pungent peppers CHILIES
The "tan" in a black and tan ALE
From the neighborhood LOCAL
Woodpile covering TARP
Glider with runners SLED
Companion of a rubber stamp INKPAD
Bygone phone feature DIAL
Have a one-track mind OBSESS
Cramps, e.g. SPASMS
Letters at Indy STP
Part of a compensation package, perhaps STOCKOPTION
Long, hard journey TREK
Messed up ERRED
Goat’s antithesis, in sports HERO
Continental cash EURO
Well past its prime STALE
Partner of anon EVER
Potpie morsels PEAS
Packs, as a pipe bowl TAMPS
Sit for a spell REST
Martial arts-based fitness routine TAEBO
Impressive display ARRAY
Curbs, with "in" REINS
Sleeveless shirt TANKTOP
Be overly flirtatious, say GETFRESH
"Don’t you wish!" ASIF
Arc de Triomphe city PARIS
Campaign poster word ELECT
Leave in the lurch DESERT
Core muscles, for short ABS
Dark gem from Down Under BLACKOPAL
Come up short LOSE
Sound in an empty hallway ECHO
Above, to bards OER
Brings in from the field REAPS
Rickenbacker or von Richthofen ACE
Open with a letter opener SLIT
Stubborn beast, in a saying MULE
Did a takeoff on APED
Island near Java BALI
Second word in fairy tales UPON
"Tommy," notably ROCKOPERA
In the style of ALA
Audubon subject BIRD
Yearbook section CLASS
Sitcom units EPISODES
NYPD alert APB
Lay on thick, as mayo SLATHER
Dislike, and then some DETEST
Android download APP
Somewhat, informally SORTA
"Buzz off!" SCRAM
Pasta drainer SIEVE
Cultural customs MORES
Sound from the bullpen SNORT
Pedometer unit STEP
"Can’t argue with that" TRUE
Vegetation in underwater forests KELP
Boxing stats found in 20- and 60-Across and 11- and 34-Down KOS