Usa Today Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Go down swinging WHIFF
Spelling of "90210" TORI
Boot camp fare MESS
Hearing-related AURAL
Supermodel who was married to Bowie IMAN
Algerian setting for "The Plague" ORAN
Slam dunk by NBA great O’Neal SHAQATTACK
Baptism or bar mitzvah RITE
One of the Four Evangelists, briefly STMARK
Muslim ascetic (var.) FAQIR
Attorney’s abbr. ESQ
Beach bum’s shade TAN
Stranded like Crusoe ENISLED
Female bird with a showy mate PEAHEN
Highest peak in Tasmania MTOSSA
Less loopy SANER
Gear parts TEETH
Turn on the waterworks SOB
GM line until 2004 OLDS
Place for bulldogging RODEO
Word before bones or knuckles BARE
Counterintelligence org. NSA
Instrument on the Beatles’ "Norwegian Wood" SITAR
Superman’s birth name KALEL
E-commerce site once owned by eBay PAYPAL
Bordeaux wine MERLOT
Breastbone-related STERNAL
Loft’s contents HAY
Snaky shape ESS
Lena who sang "Stormy Weather" HORNE
Thoroughly confused ADDLED
Admiral Perry victory site ERIE
Cash in Baghdad IRAQIDINAR
Libidinous god EROS
TV chef Graham KERR
Ivanka’s mother IVANA
Cabernet and 44-Across REDS
Greasy spoon offering, informally EATS
Dressed to kill NATTY
"Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ . . ." WAS
"What’d you say?" HUH
Lyricist to George IRA
Online help topics, for short FAQS
Praise insincerely FLATTER
Atlas or Prometheus TITAN
Five-star general Bradley OMAR
Mob family member RACKETEER
Sign, as a contract INK
Boggy area MORASS
Dr. Peter Benton portrayer on "ER" ERIQLASALLE
"Socrate" composer Erik SATIE
Mortimer ___ (dummy voiced by Bergen) SNERD
Untouchables member, for short TMAN
Traditional Friday fare FISH
Maker of Stylus Pro printers EPSON
They did bin Laden in SEALS
Post-press conference session QANDAPERIOD
Say ___ (decline) NOTO
"___ So Fine" (1963 Chiffons hit) HES
Finish in the top three, in the Olympics MEDAL
Geometric or geographic measurement TOTALAREA
Cookies deep-fried at fairs OREOS
Stiff drinks BELTS
Former TV cohost of Strahan RIPA
Place to get 35-Down BAR
1/1 song title word SYNE
Entered, as data KEYEDIN
James of "Gunsmoke" ARNESS
Timbuktu’s land MALI
See-through, as hosiery SHEER
Jeter’s manager for 12 seasons TORRE
Corp. home base HDQRS
Missile with feathers DART
Singer with an ego DIVA
President on a dollar coin, informally IKE
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Six-legged worker ANT
Jamie Foxx title role RAY