Usa Today Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Helen of Troy’s abductor PARIS
___ Crunch (cereal brand) CAPN
TV bandleader with a bubble machine WELK
"Poor Richard’s Almanack" bit ADAGE
"What’s more . . ." ALSO
Bovine team members OXEN
Oregon Trail, notably WAGONTRAINROUTE
Know-it-alls SMARTIES
Doo-wop song, e.g. OLDIE
What bouncers check, for short IDS
Film studio with a lion symbol MGM
Maze objective END
Like Olive Oyl, physiologically SKINNY
Sorvino with an Oscar MIRA
Coastal flooding factor TIDE
Quinn of "Elementary" AIDAN
Swellhead’s problem EGO
"Maybe yes, maybe no" ILLTHINKABOUTIT
Orbison of the Traveling Wilburys ROY
A cube has 12 EDGES
___ Lee cakes SARA
Reduced by LESS
Like Limburger cheese SMELLY
Third word of many limericks WAS
Yoga surface MAT
___ loss for words ATA
Lower in esteem ABASE
Most self-satisfied SMUGGEST
Object of Ponce de Leon’s quest FOUNTAINOFYOUTH
___ Turnblad ("Hairspray" role) EDNA
Dumbbell material IRON
Be of one mind AGREE
Earn, as profit REAP
Deputy ___ (cartoon canine) DAWG
Like a luxury car’s interior ROOMY
Handles clumsily PAWS
A Ponderosa son ADAM
Piece for a sitarist RAGA
"Young Frankenstein" hunchback IGOR
Mailed, as a contest entry SENTIN
Gives a hoot CARES
Word of woe ALAS
Air pump letters PSI
Persona ___ grata NON
Filler of three bags, in rhyme WOOL
Give off, as charm EXUDE
Allow to join LETIN
Weak-___ (timid) KNEED
In apple-pie order TIDY
Cheese for grating ROMANO
Greedy king of myth MIDAS
Latch onto GRAB
Tend to the sauce STIR
Prefix with hertz or byte KILO
In an aimless manner IDLY
Trawler’s need NET
PA plug-ins MIKES
Worry, Woody Allen-style ANGST
List-ending abbr. ETAL
"You go, ___!" GIRL
"Our Gang" affirmative OTAY
Football uniform part HELMET
Think tank nugget IDEA
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Hungarian language MAGYAR
Necco candy bit WAFER
"Humble" dwelling ABODE
Steam room alternative SAUNA
In the midst of AMONG
Start of a football play SNAP
Drift makeup SNOW
___ boots (’60s footwear) GOGO
Franc’s replacement EURO
Mushroom morsel STEM
"___ went thataway!" THEY
Good Samaritan’s offering AID
"Michael Collins" org. IRA