Usa Today Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hits the slopes SKIS
Wrap for leftovers SARAN
Rubs the wrong way IRKS
Like EEE shoes WIDE
Falling-off point, in cartoons CLIFF
Holiday air NOEL
USAF truant AWOL
One in a love triangle, perhaps RIVAL
Apollo’s stringed instrument LYRE
Cairo’s waterway NILERIVER
Father Time’s facial feature BEARD
Orbiter with a tail COMET
Catchall abbr. ETAL
Traveler’s computer LAPTOP
Raised with a poor hand, say BLUFFED
"Didn’t bring my A-game" ILOST
"Gone With the Wind" locale TARA
Grazing area LEA
As we speak NOW
Gourmet seasoning SEASALT
Caterer’s dispenser URN
Put a stop to END
Bookshelf buildup DUST
Trump detractor O’Donnell ROSIE
Deems appropriate SEESFIT
Woodshop machines LATHES
Laugh-a-minute type RIOT
Flinch or blink, e.g. REACT
Shopaholic’s binge SPREE
Fairy’s under-the-pillow pickup BABYTOOTH
Calls from a cote COOS
Easily tipped boat CANOE
Theme from "Mondo Cane" MORE
Much of the time ALOT
Intense passion ARDOR
Cote d’___ (French Riviera) AZUR
Oblong tomato ROMA
Execs’ extras PERKS
Can’t live without NEED
Origami bird SWAN
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Fan club fave IDOL
Clicks on, perhaps SELECTS
Pinch pennies SCRIMP
Full of energy ALIVE
Jeans-pocket strengthener RIVET
Worship from ___ AFAR
Pro Bowl org. NFL
Covered with foliage INLEAF
Poker player’s dream ROYALFLUSH
Deborah of "The King and I" KERR
Winter coaster SLED
Items dyed at salons ROOTS
A/C measure BTU
Airline with a star in its logo ELAL
Bits of dialogue LINES
How the cheese stands, in a kids’ song ALONE
Place to touch up one’s makeup POWDERROOM
Kindergarten handful BRAT
Like Stephen King novels EERIE
Hamlet’s countrymen DANES
Like a tuned piano string TAUT
Obstinate beast ASS
Rewrite puzzle clues, say EDIT
Developer’s land purchase TRACT
Upholstered footstool OTTOMAN
Sonora snooze SIESTA
End of a sentry’s question FOE
Lasagna features LAYERS
Vacation time, for short RANDR
Paperless novel EBOOK
Sign of an old wound SCAR
Casual Friday shirt POLO
In the buff BARE
Move like the Blob OOZE
"Can’t deny that" TRUE
Stampede group HERD
Salary limit CAP