Usa Today Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
"We Have the Meats" chain ARBYS
Unable to throw strikes WILD
Discounted by LESS
Spongy mushroom MOREL
God with an eight-legged horse ODIN
Theater sign with red letters EXIT
Pupil of Socrates PLATO
Downey of "Touched by an Angel" ROMA
Charismatic glow AURA
Urgent appeal to the Coast Guard SOS
Organ that stores bile GALLBLADDER
Pottery fragment SHARD
Attendance sheet notation ABSENT
Elegant in manner URBANE
Be in accord JIBE
Straggler’s position REAR
Just slightly ATAD
In poor taste TACKY
Mannerly man GENT
Sorted, as eggs SIZED
Stadium demolished in 2009 SHEA
Like Bart, to Lisa or Maggie ELDER
Industrial mogul CZAR
Nestling’s noise PEEP
Really gross ICKY
Abductors, in tabloids ALIENS
"Star Trek" engineer, informally SCOTTY
Colleague of 51-Across SPOCK
Base of operations NERVECENTER
"Jeopardy!" phenom Jennings KEN
Word of regret ALAS
Feast with hula dancers LUAU
Act the chauffeur DRIVE
Really get to RILE
Andrews of "Dancing With the Stars" ERIN
Consolation prize recipient LOSER
Stand the ravages of time LAST
Chowderhead DOLT
Simple sort of question YESNO
Rock group’s boosters AMPS
Caramel-filled Hershey’s brand ROLO
Oktoberfest group BRASSBAND
Up to this moment YET
"We Have the Meats," e.g. SLOGAN
Fantasy author’s creation WORLD
Fan club’s focus IDOL
Trunk outgrowth LIMB
"CSI" evidence analyzer DNALAB
Shows the way LEADS
Ooze, as charm EXUDE
Mythical temptress SIREN
Kick off START
Atlas statistics AREAS
Assist in crime ABET
Bret who created Poker Flat HARTE
Twist the arm of URGE
Line-winding gadget REEL
Like Dixieland tunes JAZZY
Invention’s origin IDEA
"60 Minutes" sound effect TICK
Savory jelly ASPIC
Friendly peck CHEEKKISS
Sharp-witted KEEN
Sounds from pounds YAPS
What a tieback may tie back DRAPE
Marriage or graduation RITE
Took part in the Tour de France CYCLED
In a noble manner LORDLY
Wolf’s warning SNARL
Cruz, "the Queen of Salsa" CELIA
Paperless exams ORALS
DVD player companion TVSET
Movie double’s feat STUNT
Franc’s replacement EURO
Get exactly right NAIL
Not at all lopsided EVEN
Decadent emperor of Rome NERO
Topping for some sushi ROE