Usa Today Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Dear me!" ALAS
Intruder to the landscaping WEED
Vertebrae separators DISCS
Costume ball wear MASK
Defense treaty partner ALLY
Paperless tax return option EFILE
Golf ball position on a slope UPHILLLIE
Elephant gone amok ROGUE
"I warned you!" SEE
Flowery verses ODES
Like the stereotypical beach bum TANNED
Ocean-warming phenomenon ELNINO
Trick-or-treater’s tote PAIL
Investment firm with a bull in its logo MERRILLLYNCH
Browse eBay, say SHOP
Selection under "Gender" FEMALE
"Just as I thought!" OHO
Cola originally called "Brad’s Drink" PEPSI
Competitor of Secret BAN
Kickstarter contributor DONOR
Milne’s "Now We ___ Six" ARE
War tactics at Troy and Vicksburg SIEGES
Promgoer’s purchase GOWN
Notification of an auto defect, perhaps RECALLLETTER
Guys’ mates GALS
Drill sergeant’s "Relax!" ATEASE
Sounds in car chase scenes SIRENS
Pod in some stews OKRA
Far from draconian LAX
Modify, as a law AMEND
Painting of a fruit bowl, e.g. STILLLIFE
Awning’s offering SHADE
Home care giver AIDE
Like some roof panels SOLAR
Furtive "Hey, you!" PSST
Oscars category word BEST
Tickle, in a way AMUSE
Carnation location LAPEL
White as a sheet ASHEN
Do slaloms SKI
Salad with apples WALDORF
Fanning of "Super 8" ELLE
The Whiffenpoofs, e.g. ELIS
Darken or lighten, say DYE
Jumped the tracks DERAILED
"Don’t I wish" IFONLY
Speak with one’s hands SIGN
This is one of 78 here CLUE
Watermelon eater’s discard SEED
Without accomplices LONE
Like most hoopsters TALL
Mischief makers IMPS
Pluto, before a 2006 downgrade PLANET
Bucks the system REBELS
Spin doctor’s concern IMAGE
One of seven Nolan Ryan gems, informally NONO
Chuck wagon fare CHOW
Rhino poacher’s prize HORN
Exchange jabs SPAR
Roll-call call HERE
Cartel of oil-rich nations OPEC
Hawaiian or Fijian ISLANDER
Folklore fiend OGRE
Societal woes ILLS
Hollywood hopeful STARLET
Chairperson’s plan AGENDA
List-shortening abbr. ETAL
Full of energy ALIVE
Holders of valuables SAFES
Apply, as elbow grease EXERT
Get smart with SASS
Texter’s "If you ask me . . ." IMHO
"Are you for ___?" REAL
Big name in elevators OTIS
Jokes around with KIDS
Syrup source SAP
Shot with a high arc LOB