Usa Today Crossword Answers August 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Edgar, Oscar or Tony AWARD
"___ Smile" (Hall & Oates hit) SARA
Melville’s fanatical whaler AHAB
Bill who hosts "Real Time" MAHER
Trudge wearily PLOD
Shredded, with "up" TORE
Sam Spade or Mike Hammer PRIVATEEYE
Grove unit TREE
Cotton de-seeders GINS
Highly luminous galactic object QUASAR
Mopped and dusted, say CLEANED
Inventor’s triumphant cry SUCCESS
Joseph who wrote "Catch-22" HELLER
Pursues, as game STALKS
Highly capable ADEPT
Limit on immigration QUOTA
WWE or MMA surface MAT
Has an evening meal SUPS
"Remembered" battleship MAINE
Yawn-inducing sort BORE
Radar gun reading (Abbr.) MPH
Off one’s rocker BATTY
Fight card units BOUTS
Lines from hearts AORTAS
"Scram!" BEATIT
Not as plain FANCIER
Maker of Hugs and Kisses HERSHEY
Roadside rubbish LITTER
People to hang with PALS
On a cruise, perhaps ASEA
Feature of some pliers NEEDLENOSE
Pole or Bulgarian SLAV
Real estate unit ACRE
Burger King, to McDonald’s RIVAL
"Take one" HERE
Real estate units LOTS
Natural flair KNACK
Fuse measure AMP
Mars’ domain WAR
Tuna at sushi bars AHI
Clergyperson’s nickname REV
Classic show with Sergeant Friday DRAGNET
Fork over SPEND
Taproom offerings ALES
Orbison of the Traveling Wilburys ROY
Good enough ADEQUATE
"Sic ’em!" ATTACK
Authoritative source, in a saying HORSESMOUTH
Fields of study AREAS
Taproom offerings BEERS
Org. chart layer TIER
Sch. that publishes the Daily Bruin UCLA
Crevice or crevasse CHASM
Introduced, with "to" LEDUP
Fried dough treat at carnivals ELEPHANTEAR
"Heidi" setting ALPS
Showing no emotion STONY
Execs, or what they may wear SUITS
Persian Gulf land QATAR
Clarinetist Shaw ARTIE
Easily irked TESTY
Like one set of grandparents MATERNAL
Some reptile house exhibits BOAS
Creamy French cheese BRIE
Totally out of control BERSERK
C-to-C interval OCTAVE
Patent holder for the telephone BELL
Gordon in outer space FLASH
Airline seat option AISLE
Underworld of myth HADES
Smart-alecky PERT
Prefix with "friendly" or "tourism" ECO
Diarist Anais NIN
Fertility clinic cells OVA
Runner-advancing bunt, for short SAC
Wapiti, by another name ELK