Usa Today Crossword Answers August 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hippie’s adornment BEADS
Divisions of Wicca, e.g. SECTS
Forensic science facility LAB
Question from a worried patient, perhaps AMIOK
Cigar with a light-colored wrapper CLARO
Sampler of the forbidden fruit EVE
Short, heavy rainstorm GULLYWASHER
Naval burial place, perhaps SEA
Absolute monarchy of the Mideast OMAN
Part of a lacrosse goal NET
"Animal Kingdom" channel TNT
Dr. Phil’s surname MCGRAW
Inedible orange OSAGE
Bitter brew, perhaps ALE
Guillotinelike office tool PAPERCUTTER
Hooverville dwellings TENTS
Operate a Cessna, say AVIATE
Canine visitor to the Emerald City TOTO
In on, with "to" PRIVY
JFK-to-TLV carrier ELAL
Unit pricing word APIECE
Beantown daily GLOBE
Popular therapy dog IRISHSETTER
Report "fake news" LIE
Great Barrier Reef ray MANTA
Drill team’s arms RIFLES
Prune center PIT
Pester to no end NAG
Classroom assistant AIDE
Play for a sap USE
One in a laundromat array TUMBLEDRYER
Toy soldier material TIN
Cookies in some pie crusts OREOS
Nyro who wrote "Eli’s Comin’" LAURA
Offensive or defensive gridder END
Fruit found in chutney MANGO
Violinist Mischa ELMAN
Help the checkout person, perhaps BAG
Bird on Australia’s coat of arms EMU
Have the flu, say AIL
Extreme sorrow DOLOR
Celestial diagrams SKYMAPS
All-in-one printer option SCAN
Bygone Manhattan trains ELS
"High Hopes" lyricist Sammy CAHN
Kite snagger in "Peanuts" TREE
Make sense of, in a way SORTOUT
Vampire played by Tom Cruise LESTAT
Exact retribution for AVENGE
Buzzer ___ (last-second shot) BEATER
Toddler’s glassful WAWA
Drudge of the Drudge Report MATT
Egyptian portrayed by Liz CLEO
Mannerly man, briefly GENT
Andrew Carnegie’s industry STEEL
French capital, in a Porter song PAREE
Force from the premises EVICT
Fastener that’s "bucked up" RIVET
Low isle CAY
Best man’s delivery TOAST
TV’s Magnum et al. PIS
Veg out LOLL
Irish Rose’s beau ABIE
Winery dregs LEES
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, for short PHANTOM
Waffle maker GRIDDLE
Lay blame upon IMPUTE
Granola morsel RAISIN
Have in mind INTEND
Like an alley cat FERAL
Ghostly glow AURA
J. Edgar Hoover’s crew, for short GMEN
"Not to mention . . ." ALSO
Source of peat BOG
"Mm-mm good!" YUM
Period associated with a president, perhaps ERA
Did the last leg of a triathlon RAN