Usa Today Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Baton-passing event RELAY
Self-governing Palestinian territory GAZA
Sci-fi transports UFOS
Like gymnasts or mountain goats AGILE
x, y or z, on a 3-D graph AXIS
"No denying that" TRUE
Attributes of prodigious eaters, it’s said HOLLOWLEGS
Keep watch over TEND
Canasta combo MELD
As a result HENCE
Glasses with feet and stems GOBLETS
Tougher to locate SCARCER
Barbecuers’ wear APRONS
Far from lenient HARSH
Try to prevent a sinking BAIL
Started a hand DEALT
De Gaulle, to Air France HUB
Charity’s URL ender, often ORG
Creature with distinctive features seen at the ends of 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 24-Down GIRAFFE
Impossible score in U.S. football ONE
Unspecified degree NTH
Cancel, as a launch ABORT
Diva’s highlight ARIA
Cantina appetizers TAPAS
Works with oils, perhaps PAINTS
Bugs to no end PESTERS
Director’s workplace FILMSET
Defaulters’ losses, briefly REPOS
Worthy of an "Aww!" CUTE
Word after shooting or branding IRON
Fretted part of a Les Paul, say GUITARNECK
Web surfer’s destination SITE
On the matter of ASTO
One-tenth donation TITHE
Lieutenant’s lunch MESS
Taken in, in a way SEEN
Place with rainy plains, in song SPAIN
Lead-in to "sis-boom-bah" RAH
Prefix with centric EGO
Diminutive in Dogpatch LIL
Musketeers’ motto word ALL
Naval clerks YEOMEN
Really irritates GALLS
Dumped unceremoniously AXED
Turn abruptly ZIG
Equine pack animal ASS
Comes out with UTTERS
Brass section members FRENCHHORNS
Postal rate unit OUNCE
Feast with a Book of Exodus story SEDER
Hoses down WETS
Bret who wrote of Roaring Camp HARTE
Neighbor of Cameroon GABON
Dizzying designs OPART
A’s on poor report cards, say BRIGHTSPOTS
Texter’s guffaw LOL
Golf club part SHAFT
Baby whale or elephant CALF
Smelter waste DROSS
Site of our smallest bones EAR
Form a coalition UNITE
Beauty’s suitor BEAST
Stares slack-jawed GAPES
Flanged construction piece IBAR
Use a scope AIM
Makes amends ATONES
Stuffable bread PITA
Gives a heads-up to ALERTS
Spectrum-forming crystal PRISM
Like ghost stories EERIE
Bed in a dorm room, maybe FUTON
Mention as a reference CITE
Methane or butane GAS
Get value from USE
Autumn air trait NIP
Posted landing hr. ETA
X on a frat house CHI
"Toy Story 3" doll KEN