Usa Today Crossword Answers August 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
400-meter path, perhaps LAP
Sign of spoilage STENCH
Brubeck’s "Blue Rondo ___ Turk" ALA
"Chili today, hot ___" TAMALE
Early VCR format BETA
Engineer a successful coup, say SEIZEPOWER
Pull down, so to speak EARN
Tender at a company store SCRIP
"Hee Haw" mascot ASS
Issue fake news, say LIE
They’re sailed, in a saying THESEVENSEAS
Employers of many former U.S. reps. PACS
Ripples in the water WAVELETS
Singer Cassidy who achieved posthumous fame EVA
Zombie Revenge game maker SEGA
Lose momentum FALTER
34-Across’s hedgehog mascot SONIC
Suffix with Brooklyn ESE
Eucalyptus muncher KOALA
Confesses (to) OWNSUP
Fateful day in the Roman Senate IDES
"You’re it!" game TAG
Dipstick indication OILLEVEL
Grown-up elvers EELS
Undeserved passing grades, perhaps GENTLEMENSCS
Catch in the act NAB
Thanksgiving tuber YAM
Can’t put up with HATES
Letters on a rush job ASAP
Suffers from impaired vision, in a way SEESDOUBLE
Noah who played Steve Jobs WYLE
Personalizes, as glassware ETCHES
IPA part ALE
Chips or fries seasoning SALT
Larry Fine was one STOOGE
Zodiac beast RAM
Highlands girl LASS
Elder brother of Evelyn Waugh ALEC
It beats ace-high PAIR
Curry of the Golden State Warriors STEPH
Dance like Gene Kelly TAP
Jimmy Eat World music genre EMO
Folksy denial NAW
Split, or adhere CLEAVE
Whom Eydie Gorme played in "Ocean’s Eleven" HERSELF
Toon grandfather of Bart ABE
Property law focus REALESTATE
Many hotel lobbies ATRIA
Thorns in one’s side BANES
Strip with Jeremy and teen friends ZITS
Gym shoes, for short SNEAKS
Source of Pecorino cheese EWE
Wise old head SAGE
Like users of weasel words EVASIVE
"Battle of the Hedgerows" city of 1944 STLO
Cash in Cancun PESO
Assert openly AVOW
Projectile from Old Ironsides CANNONBALL
Mulder’s partner on "The X-Files" SCULLY
One way to the Holy Land ELAL
Riches’ antithesis, in a saying RAGS
"___ the truth?" (Rotarian’s question) ISIT
Utopian spot EDEN
Is agreeable to PLEASES
CTA trains ELS
Legendary clown Kelly EMMETT
Hirsute brother of Jacob ESAU
Chews, as on a bone GNAWS
Snap course EASYA
Picked out CHOSE
Way up for a snowboarder TBAR
Cinders of old comics ELLA
Have the appearance of SEEM
Dino, to the Flintstones PET
Prefix with tourism ECO
"Homeland" channel, briefly SHO