Usa Today Crossword Answers December 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Epithet from Charlie Brown RATS
Hauls to the repair shop TOWS
Paparazzo’s target, briefly CELEB
Airline with missile defense systems ELAL
Painter’s estimate AREA
Plenty sore IRATE
"Go right ahead!" BEMYGUEST
Less desirable berth UPPER
Put aside for later STORE
The whole nine yards ALL
Doesn’t hog SHARES
Tomato in much tomato paste ROMA
Ronald Reagan, for years BMOVIEACTOR
"Jurassic Park III" actress TEALEONI
Biblical queendom SHEBA
River of Caen ORNE
V-formation fliers GEESE
Supply-and-demand subj. ECON
Walter who was played by Ben Stiller MITTY
Moved with a rushing sound WHOOSHED
"Stayin’ Alive" or "To Love Somebody" BEEGEESSONG
Home of Norway’s Royal Palace OSLO
Comes down hard, in winter SLEETS
Flagpole sitting, once FAD
Mournful song DIRGE
One in a movie mob scene EXTRA
A-listers ELITE
"Maude" star BEAARTHUR
Suffix with ego- or pyro- MANIA
Mr. ‘iggins, in "My Fair Lady" ENRY
How an LP may be re-released ONCD
16-Across feeling ANGER
Load of baloney TALE
Mischievous Norse god LOKI
Puzzle in which an oar may stand for "or" REBUS
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Home of the Rays and Buccaneers TAMPA
Comparatively foxy SLYER
T, on a fraternity house TAU
Argentite and zincite ORES
Cold War side WEST
Enlightenment, in Zen SATORI
Multiplex units CINEMAS
Cold War ___ (post-WWII period) ERA
___ lamp (1960s 57-Across) LAVA
Footnote abbr. ETAL
"Class dismissed" sound BELL
Diving bird GREBE
Eggs at sushi bars ROE
Unhealthful haze SMOG
Analgesics’ targets ACHES
Number of Wyoming congresspersons ONE
Editorial page offerings VIEWS
PC support pro TECH
Woodwind with a haunting sound OBOE
Ayn who wrote "Atlas Shrugged" RAND
Grant’s ___ (Manhattan landmark) TOMB
Euclid, Ohio’s waters ERIE
Pay for a hand ANTE
"Hands off!" LETGO
"Dice" channel, briefly SHO
Geologic periods EONS
Spouse’s meek assent YESDEAR
Leering sort OGLER
One of football’s Mannings ELI
Icy dessert SORBET
Sing the praises of EXTOL
Prefix meaning "race" ETHNO
Semi or pickup TRUCK
Big Apple restaurateur with a Special Tony Award SARDI
Post-disaster relief org. FEMA
Code-cracker Turing ALAN
Car door dent DING
Rowlands of "Gloria" GENA
Jimmy Carter’s middle name EARL
Reason for sudden death, in sports TIE
Seaman’s affirmative AYE