Usa Today Crossword Answers December 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Hunter’s garb, briefly CAMO
Took from wild to mild TAMED
Climbed the ranks ROSE
Out of the office AWAY
Advil alternative ALEVE
International show, for short EXPO
Monopoly corner square JAIL
Solitary sort LONER
"It’s ___ a hard day’s night . . ." BEEN
Container for an indoor palm URN
Game show climaxes, often BONUSROUNDS
Making out, in a way NECKING
Fingerprinting fluid INK
Ingredients in some bran muffins OATS
Finger-pointer on recruiting posters UNCLESAM
Shares an edge with ABUTS
Like Medusa’s scalp SNAKY
Slam dunk’s point value TWO
Contaminant-free PURE
Ark groupings PAIRS
Late-July babies LEOS
Plea for help SOS
Hall of "Let’s Make a Deal" MONTY
Began a hand DEALT
One who’s attractive but not very intelligent EYECANDY
Center of campus activity QUAD
Seascapes, statuary et al. ART
"I’m so fortunate!" LUCKYME
There’s no current in one OPENCIRCUIT
Container in a bargain basement BIN
Cylindrical Hershey’s candy ROLO
Any of the "Scary Movie" movies FARCE
Head cheese, in large part MEAT
High roller’s perk COMP
Tomato, technically FRUIT
Made the scene CAME
Ship-to-ship shout AHOY
Sides in an age-old "battle" SEXES
Tend to, as sauce STIR
Many a bayou dweller CAJUN
Far from clueless AWARE
Salad follower, often MAINCOURSE
Olive in Popeye cartoons OYL
Hawk’s grippers TALONS
As an escort ALONG
Where a 3-Down may be listed MENU
Anticipatory periods EVES
Oil field structures DERRICKS
Take to task REBUKE
Beasts in rice paddies OXEN
Chanced a citation SPED
Mind-boggling spans EONS
Drill set items BITS
McKinnon of "Ghostbusters" KATE
State of harmony UNITY
___ a one (none) NARY
Metronome’s output STEADYBEAT
Initials in some courts-martial AWOL
Guinness World Records superlative MOST
Area at one end of a church APSE
Navigational hazard marker BUOY
Grains in concrete SAND
Vatican notables PONTIFFS
Cause of a puddle, perhaps LEAK
"Birthday" painter Chagall MARC
Conveyor of tears DUCT
Feature of a four-poster CANOPY
Treats with acoustic foam, say QUIETS
Port St. ___, Fla. LUCIE
Home to the Hurricanes MIAMI
"Please step in!" ENTER
Largest dolphin family member ORCA
Playmate of Piglet POOH
Muppet who’s always 3 1/2 years old ELMO
Seldom seen RARE
Main idea CRUX
Roast VIPs MCS