Usa Today Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bothered incessantly ATEAT
Flu season protection SHOT
Strong desires YENS
Hooded serpent COBRA
Org. opposed to fur farming PETA
Common mirror shape OVAL
Utter disaster TRAINWRECK
"Oh no!" YIPE
Squalid digs STY
Committed perjury, say LIED
Clean Air Act, e.g. ECOLAW
Bench wood PINE
Gulf War missile SCUD
Tripped, as a mousetrap SPRUNG
Celebrity’s aura CHARISMA
Avoid wedding expenses, in a way ELOPE
Highly prized DEAR
List shortener, for short ETAL
Clear a hurdle LEAP
Aaron with MLB’s rookie home run record JUDGE
Auto glass option TINT
Spice obtained from nutmeg MACE
Flowery verses ODES
Barely burn SINGE
Sources of baseball bat wood ASHTREES
Crude transport TANKER
Gullible sorts SAPS
Goody-goody PRIG
Nebraska river to the Missouri PLATTE
Document in a safe, perhaps DEED
Pontiac in a 1964 hit GTO
Corn Belt state IOWA
Dress that makes a bold statement SLINKYGOWN
Home run hitter’s gait TROT
James of "Elf" CAAN
"Charleston Rag" composer Blake EUBIE
Backsplash piece TILE
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
Hissy fits SNITS
"The Ed Sullivan Show" lineup ACTS
Fraud or trespassing TORT
Site with PowerSellers EBAY
Shapiro of "All Things Considered" ARI
Mark on a sunbather TANLINE
Mall binge SPREE
Follow, as advice HEED
Like Advil or Motrin, briefly OTC
"Be well!" TAKECARE
Cyclical weight gain and loss YOYODIETING
Bad to the bone EVIL
California county affected by 2017 wildfires NAPA
Whacked, so to speak SLEW
One of a kiwi’s vestigial pair WING
Mean mutt CUR
Country that’s nominally, but not actually, independent PUPPETSTATE
Chases down, as fly balls SHAGS
City in a 2014 Ava DuVernay movie SELMA
They’re "copped" by defendants PLEAS
Orkin or Terminix victim ROACH
Relinquishes by treaty CEDES
Perform poorly, slangily STINK
Canine ailment caused by mites MANGE
Shorten or lengthen, perhaps ALTER
Guys, slangily DUDES
"GoodFellas" Oscar winner JOEPESCI
Gave the thumbs-up SAIDYES
New York subway scurrier RAT
Long, hard trip TREK
Pasta whose name means "feathers" PENNE
Brad of "World War Z" PITT
Singer of "Footloose" LORI
Air Force truant, for short AWOL
Retro phone feature DIAL
Arid Mongolian expanse GOBI
Irritating sort TWIT
Bills in liar’s poker ONES
Wee Scot LAD
Nail ___ (power tool) GUN