Usa Today Crossword Answers December 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Much Mardi Gras music JAZZ
Swift or swallow BIRD
Floats in the breeze WAFTS
Cookie deep-fried at state fairs OREO
Berry in some smoothies ACAI
Downloadable novel, say EBOOK
White sale buys BEDLINENS
"Baywatch" backdrop SHORE
Faris of "The Emoji Movie" ANNA
Took the helm of PILOTED
Van Gogh Museum display ART
Barrel at a beer blast KEG
App buyers USERS
GM line until 1997 GEO
How soldiers stand at attention ERECTLY
Spherical body ORB
Like an electric guitar AMPED
Stan with cameos in Marvel movies LEE
Chicken cordon ___ BLEU
Plants a bug in TAPS
It’s eternal, in paradise BLISS
They’re beaten by lottery winners ODDS
Makes a typo, e.g. ERRS
PC-linking system, for short LAN
Like a towelette MOIST
Compete in the Winter Olympics, perhaps SKI
When a vampire sleeps DAYTIME
___ roll (sushi selection) EEL
Diva’s realm OPERA
Fashionable, to Austin Powers MOD
"Call Me Maybe" singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Triangular houses AFRAMES
Boardroom attire SUIT
Russian crepes BLINI
German military decoration of yore IRONCROSS
Phoebe of "Gremlins" CATES
Slow-on-the-uptake sort DOLT
Jon Arbuckle’s slobbering beagle ODIE
Fashionista’s forte STYLE
Crustiest parts of a loaf ENDS
Note sent via iPhone TEXT posting JOB
"Trix ___ for kids!" ARE
Brit’s final letter ZED
"Nana" novelist Emile ZOLA
Ad on a website BANNER
Time of advancing glaciers ICEAGE
Was on the ballot RAN
They’re settled by instant replays DISPUTES
Snipes of the "Blade" movie trilogy WESLEY
Hold in contempt ABHOR
"Boots on the ground" infantryman FOOTSOLDIER
Made a rip in TORE
Listing of activities, briefly SKED
Finished, as a comic strip INKED
Points on nautical charts ISLES
Some multicolored marbles AGATES
Make a comment REMARK
Most important, on an agenda TOPPRIORITY
"J. Edgar" director Eastwood CLINT
Suez Canal’s outlet REDSEA
Commotion, as in a city street BUSTLE
Curvy section of a road ESS
"You stink!" BOO
Noise from car horns or trumpets BLARE
Save for later LAYASIDE
Soldier sporting a red cross, once MEDIC
Untimely end DEMISE
"You’ve convinced me!" IMSOLD
Horses, to riders MOUNTS
"Dilbert" segment PANEL
Pre-K lesson ABCS
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 25-Down FLAT
Sulky-puller’s gait TROT
Weasley at Hogwarts RON
Work of tribute ODE
Highest number on a standard die SIX
Place for props SET