Usa Today Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Travels like a space station ORBITS
Reiner who interviewed a 2,000-year-old man CARL
The lyrical Gershwin IRA
Canadian dollar, slangily LOONIE
Berry touted as a superfood ACAI
Sch. with a blackjack team in "21" MIT
Mole, in spydom DOUBLEAGENT
Like the dog days HOT
___ Monte (canned food brand) DEL
Bulb option, briefly LED
Ham it up EMOTE
Thingamajigs DOODADS
Readies, as a pump PRIMES
Rival of the AP UPI
Helpful notification to a web searcher GOOGLEALERT
Went splitsville PARTED
Dahl who created Willy Wonka ROALD
Pataky of "Fast and Furious" movies ELSA
___ out (hit the limit) MAX
Sundance’s girl ETTA
Pie chart lines, essentially RADII
Grieve over BEWAIL
Soundtrack from 1969’s Woodstock festival, e.g. TRIPLEALBUM
Little devil IMP
Former Seattle hoopsters, familiarly SONICS
Christmas tree decorations ICICLES
Couldn’t help but HADTO
Have a bug AIL
Son of 7-Across ROB
With 55-Down, despot played by Forest Whitaker IDI
Home, modestly speaking HUMBLEABODE
___ center (place to play) REC
Any of the Joads OKIE
Centers of drupes STONES
One in pre-K TOT
Time of abstinence LENT
In Touch Weekly subjects, for short CELEBS
Past one’s "sell by" date OLD
Baby in a pouch, for short ROO
Women’s sitting rooms BOUDOIRS
Sacked out INBED
Land under cultivation TILLAGE
Catch, as a movie SEE
MMA fight venue CAGE
Completed with no errors ACED
Executed, as an app RAN
Word-for-word LITERAL
Cry after "Hi, honey!" IMHOME
Target of a water cannon, perhaps RIOTER
Certify by oath ATTEST
Growth in a damp cellar MILDEW
Pull a fast one on DUPE
Birthstone after sapphire OPAL
Pentagon org. DOD
Shell game spheroid PEA
Last Supper cup GRAIL
Fish with a bagel and a schmear LOX
Rich source of fossils, perhaps TARPIT
Farrow of "The Omen" MIA
Bottom of the spinal column TAILBONE
"Pencils down" TIME
Chain crossed by Hannibal ALPS
Virgin drink’s lack ALCOHOL
Paris’s Ecole ___ Beaux-Arts DES
Tampa Bay or Pittsburgh player, in headlines BUC
Abu Dhabi, e.g. EMIRATE
Garment shot from an air cannon TSHIRT
Truckers’ competition ROADEO
Formally charge, in court INDICT
Platypus feature BILL
In-demand programming language, pre-Y2K COBOL
See 58-Across AMIN
"Tell me another one!" IBET
Luau four-stringer, for short UKE
Key to the left of F1 ESC
Society newbie DEB
Un-PC suffix, to many ESS