Usa Today Crossword Answers December 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Vampire’s weapons FANGS
Fascinated by INTO
Enjoy recess PLAY
In the wind AFOOT
James who played Sonny Corleone CAAN
McEntire with a self-titled sitcom REBA
Honorary title for Harland Sanders KENTUCKYCOLONEL
Meadow mother EWE
Adjective on cake mix boxes MOIST
Be melodramatic EMOTE
Having the aptitude ABLE
A suspect may beat one RAP
Thrilling theme park ride ROLLERCOASTER
Activist’s pursuit CAUSE
Tab-taker’s words ONME
"___ many cooks . . ." TOO
Bart’s bus driver OTTO
LeAnn who was a star at 13 RIMES
Defrost in a microwave THAW
Leave bachelorhood WED
___ Valley (Los Angeles suburb) SIMI
Clear, as a windshield DEICE
Street-corner oration, perhaps SOAPBOXSPEECH
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Panama and porkpie HATS
Title county in a Meryl Streep movie OSAGE
Vermont ski mecca STOWE
Producer of royal jelly BEE
Bomb-defusing unit DEMOLITIONSQUAD
Abu Dhabi dignitary EMIR
Like blue lobsters RARE
Oklahoma city in a Clapton tune TULSA
Word after dark or bright SIDE
Like fine scotch AGED
City with a Witch Museum SALEM
Not bona fide FAKE
Hardly any AFEW
Least possible share NONE
Pulled a prank on GOT
Lose one’s footing STUMBLE
More revolting ICKIER
Proposal-defeating votes NAYS
Asset in public relations TACT
Yoko of Artists Against Fracking ONO
Line on a cue card PROMPT
Jay with a famous car collection LENO
Provide an alibi for, perhaps ABET
Justice Sotomayor’s alma mater YALE
King with fiddlers three COLE
Auto dealer’s option LEASE
"And another thing . . ." ALSO
Trucks with ovine logos RAMS
Hotel website data RATES
Get the better of OUTDO
Funny papers, slangily COMIX
Integer that’s its own square ONE
Body of moral values ETHIC
Scurrying pest ROACH
Moon jumper of rhyme COW
Be in the hole OWE
Fare flavored with rub RIBS
Texter’s "As I see it" IMO
Casual Friday shirts TEES
Salesman’s pitch SPIEL
Can’t stomach DETESTS
"An Inconvenient Truth" presenter ALGORE
Chased away SHOOED
Round-topped chess piece PAWN
Poetic salutes ODES
Big rig SEMI
Surrounded by AMID
Animal with a rack STAG
One may suffer a blowout TIRE
China shop wrecker, proverbially BULL
Relaxed state EASE
Dutch dairy export EDAM
Tax-deferring option, briefly IRA
Sine ___ non QUA