Usa Today Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Set components, at the gym REPS
Yucatan natives MAYAS
Pre-cable TV annoyance SNOW
Skin cream additive ALOE
Cinnabon stand emanation AROMA
With 56-Across, hoppy brew PALE
Old King Cole request PIPE
What a sentry keeps VIGIL
Partner of Currier IVES
Handyman’s letters DIY
Number on most Scrabble tiles ONE
Hopi home PUEBLO
Elevator alternative STEPS
Get the ball rolling START
Husking unit EAR
Pose, in a way ASK
Priest in I Samuel ELI
Chess player’s "I win!" MATE
Generator of automated Dear John letters? ENDINGMACHINE
Top seeds may draw them BYES
Alley-___ (basketball play) OOP
Seemingly endless span EON
Not subject to change SET
Tartan wearers SCOTS
More prevalent RIFER
Magazine for marketers ADWEEK
Bricklayer’s burden HOD
See 16-Across ALE
Smokes for Dr. Zaius? APECIGARETTES
Creche threesome MAGI
Port of Honshu OSAKA
Home to workers and drones HIVE
Boardroom VIP, briefly EXEC
Place for a flag pin LAPEL
Congregation’s response AMEN
Harper of "Breaking Bad" TESS
Salon workers, at times DYERS
Tinker Bell costume accessory WAND
Canoeist’s challenge RAPIDS
Draw out, as a response ELICIT
Spinach eater of cartoons POPEYE
Trickle through the cracks SEEP
Expert, as in fashion MAVEN
Crops up ARISES
Boo-Boo’s toon friend YOGI
In the thick of AMID
Bargain basement tag figure SALEPRICE
Curry or cardamom SPICE
Common soup legume NAVYBEAN
World Cup cry OLE
Bentley of "Pete’s Dragon" WES
Martini’s partner in winemaking ROSSI
Avid fan, slangily NUT
After the buzzer LATE
___-Ida (Tater Tots maker) ORE
Hippies’ digs PADS
Act the siren TEMPT
___ vapeur (steamed) ALA
Beat senseless KNOCKCOLD
Mary Quant skirt design MINI
Gave the once-over to EYED
Pay after deductions NETWAGES
Sticky stuff GOO
Nomadic group HORDE
"Be Prepared" org. BSA
Get the drift of SEE
Ann Lee, notably SHAKER
Daughter of Muhammad FATIMA
Cricket complement ELEVEN
Tend to a failed delivery RESEND
"Iliad" and "Odyssey," for two EPICS
Grad students’ hurdles ORALS
"What’d ___" (Ray Charles hit) ISAY
Stare slack-jawed GAPE
Easing of tensions THAW
Citi Field player MET
Guitar, to a guitar god AXE