Usa Today Crossword Answers December 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Spanish naval port CADIZ
Got teary WEPT
"That’s What I Like" singer Bruno MARS
___ blue (gown color of song) ALICE
Yellow dog of the comics ODIE
Not very much ABIT
Currency of Jordan DINAR
___ Skeeter (character in Harry Potter movies) RITA
Anti-mob act, for short RICO
Part of an ignition system LOCKCYLINDER
Region encompassing present-day France GAUL
Net-nicking serve LET
Witherspoon of "Walk the Line" REESE
Took in or shortened, say ALTERED
$5 bill, slangily ABE
Small burger SLIDER
Tell-all book, for short BIO
Canned meat since 1937 SPAM
Milieu for Republicans and Democrats POLITICALSPHERE
Editor’s margin mark STET
Eliot’s Gus or Macavity CAT
Planter’s implement SEEDER
Snake that did Cleopatra in ASP
Word-for-word LITERAL
Breed like salmon SPAWN
Trig ratio COS
Runway stance POSE
Acrobatic team’s formation HUMANPYRAMID
Part of Bush’s "axis of evil" IRAN
Pitter-patter maker RAIN
"Bear" in old Qantas ads KOALA
Take five REST
"This round’s ___" ONME
Protected migratory bird EGRET
Harper of "Tender Mercies" TESS
Terminal listing, informally SKED
In reserve ASIDE
Loutish sort CAD
Boxing’s "Louisville Lip" ALI
High-decibel confusion DIN
"Told you so!" ICALLEDIT
Beetle Bailey’s dimwitted pal ZERO
Did the trick WORKED
Papal proclamation EDICT
"I ___ the fool . . ." (Mr. T catchphrase) PITY
Color on San Jose Sharks jerseys TEAL
Battle site of 1914 and 1918 MARNE
Put up with ABIDE
Chops finely, as potatoes RICES
Mom-and-pop enterprise STORE
Pastors, rabbis et al. CLERICS
Cork’s land (Abbr.) IRE
Sounds from a wowed crowd GASPS
Divide into shares ALLOT
Of practical value UTILE
Abbr. for a former general RET
Feel below par AIL
Control within a government machine BOSSISM
Dracula, in animal form BAT
Border collies, notably SHEEPDOGS
Martinez in Cooperstown PEDRO
Fields of expertise AREAS
Haggard who sang "Okie From Muskogee" MERLE
Ammo for a toy gun CAP
Microchipped family member, perhaps PET
Shakers leader ___ Lee ANN
Out, like a library book LOANED
Word after stuffed or empty SHIRT
Reduce to mush PUREE
Pile up AMASS
Has a yen for WANTS
Old hands PROS
Mantle or Jeter, for short YANK
Seller of KARLSTAD sofas IKEA
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
Took the reins LED
Broke bread ATE